Uli Selnes heads out towards Fredrikstad

Uli Selnes heads out towards Fredrikstad

– I was never with my husband, he tells VG.

-And I've played football for a long time. A team in second place spends half a minute every time a throw-in or five-metre throw is taken. He's frustrated. But there is nothing we can do about it. We must focus on ourselves. Today's effective playing time is probably the lowest I've had in my entire career, says the 29-year-old, behind whom he played in France, Switzerland and China.

The RBK veteran was hugely disappointed after FFK got the one point four minutes and 19 seconds into extra time.

“We are here to play football, but we cannot do anything about it,” continues Selnes, who told TV 2 immediately after the match: “There is a team that wants to play football, and a team that does not want to play football.”

Fredrikstad director Mikkajal Thomassen will not participate in any discussion as VG asks:

“I don't bother discussing it,” he says of Selnes's statements.

-What do you think about getting a delay stamp?

– As I said, it's over, the coach replies. His team received criticism from many for the same after the 2-0 win over Brann i Bergen.

Mikjal Thomassen

FFK coach

After the match against Lillestrom a few weeks ago, FFK coach Thomassen strongly criticized what he “experienced as an agenda against Fredrikstad”.

Sondre Sørløkk from Fredrikstad, Trønder, also doesn't want to get too involved in any “Selnæs debate”:

– It looks like him, yes. He can say that. But we had a clear plan, and it wasn't like we did much in particular. Maybe they were disappointed because we didn't let them play the way they wanted. I don't know, but we were relatively happy with it.

– What do you think of the late character?

-We just have to live with it. It's going well.

RBK coach Alfred Johansson was clearly disappointed during his time in Fredrikstad. When VG asked her, the answer was short:

– no comment.

On TV 2's Fotballekstra program, Selnæs' play was discussed. The question was whether he was right that only one team wanted to play football:

– No, I don't want to say that. Just look at the match stats. Fredrikstad then wins all statistics. Most finishes, most goals, expected goals. In the first half, Rosenborg couldn't play football. Zero capacity to manage Fredrikstad steel crushing. He should be allowed to come to Lerkendal and play a good defensive game. Overall, I think Fredrikstad deserved the point, says Morten Langley.

Morten Langley
Morten Langley

TV expert 2

Eric Thorstedt was not involved in Selnes's criticism:

– What is the definition of playing football? It enriches Eliteserien that teams do this in different ways. It's very boring if everyone has to play the same way. It's good for teams to play on different strings. The challenge for Fredrikstad is that the public is becoming more demanding. It's very dangerous. They have become a victim of their own success. When they succeed, there are always increased demands, but for now I think they are just happy, says Thorstveit.

Eric Thorstveit
Eric Thorstveit

TV expert 2

– We will choose the spring team, the spring coach, and I think Mikjal Thomassen should be on that list, continues Erik Thorstveit.

Led by the in-form Adrian Pereira at left-back, RBK were the better team in the second half and the visitors struggled to create anything. Santeri Väänänen was expected to be the big hero after his goal seven minutes after half-time, but a brilliant header from FFK substitute Henrik Kjelsrud Johansen spoiled the day for Selnæs and his team-mates.

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