Uncommon luxury – VG

Uncommon luxury - VG
RECORD READY: Several years of personal challenges are over for Sigvart Dagsland who is now out with “The Elephant in the Room”, his record 22.

Sigvart Dagsland, 57, has been through a protracted pandemic and a serious car accident while convalescing since he last released the record five years ago. But he does not know whether all this affected the new.


– I’ve wondered about it myself, but I think others should answer it, those who hear the songs and read the lyrics. There are five years of stories of what I went through, and the car accident lay there as a backdrop, a sounding board for me.

– As in the song “Happening Now!”?

– It may not have been written without a car accident. The starting point for that song was actually that my good friend Trond Viggo Torgersen challenged me to write about something right before it happened, before something inevitable happened. I’m excited about whether people will relate it to what I lived through at the time, Dagsland tells VG.

And now he’s ready with album #22, “The Elephant in the Room”.

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If the pandemic didn’t affect the texts he wrote with Mike McGurk, it did at least have an impact on the daily lives of the Siegvart Dagsland and Caroline Krueger couple.

For Dagsland it was a thriving stop for tours and concerts. For Krueger, this was a fracture of the neck of the femur as a precursor to the main chess role in Folketeret. The couple is still carrying the cargo to Oslo and arrived in the capital on March 12 last year.

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The day Norway closed.

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— but it was a good period, Dagsland insists.

A kind of forced immersion where the family was around me the whole time. It was an uncommon luxury and bond-strengthening, although we must remember that these feelings were also enhanced in those who were not as well off as us, as he reminds us.

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In January 2018, Sigvart Dagsland crashed head-to-head at Kolomoen in Inland on his way home from prom. Although an ankle fracture and twelve other fractures; Dagsland and the other two people in the car survived the violent explosion, as did the driver of the other car.

He was the driver who crashed the Dagsland car in April of the same year known guilty in Hedmarken County Court for causing the accident.

Difficult year: In fact, the couple should be separated for most of 2020; Instead, it was closer to family time than ever before for Siegwart Dagsland and Caroline Krueger.

Sigvart Dagsland spent a long time getting his body back to normal.

– I’m glad the body works! He says with a sense of humor.

– But I have no anxiety or shock. I was well helped in so far as I was receiving and was able to process my thoughts, he says, before admitting:

– But I had a shock, it will probably always be there. You may have become more thoughtful.

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He got back into the car once his legs were good enough to handle the pedals.

– I drove a car two months after the accident, that was very important to me. I told a neurologist afterwards that I have a movie going on in my head all the time, seeing this car approach the left eye area. Then he replied that you have to play this movie until it disappears. Sigvart Dagsland says he’s gone after three days.

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Now he’s looking forward to touring again, as it may become popular in the wake of the pandemic. The songs on “The Elephant in the Room” will be released to the public, five years after his last record release.

So far in his career, it’s not uncommon for a few years to pass between each record. But when I get a lead song — a song I know is good enough, like the title song here — a process begins that leads to a song being recorded, says Dagsland.

He’s had that feeling with a lead single with “The Elephant in the Room,” a feeling he’s also had a few times before, including with “Ka e du redd for” – a duet with his wife Caroline Kreuger who of course also contributes this time.

The accident: This is what it looked like immediately after the ugly accident that ended up in Sigwart Dagsland in 2018.

– This time it is about the things we hide and disguise, the circumstances that disintegrate, but there are also positive vibes here. I mean there’s a strong will in the songs, and an upbeat tone, after all. Personally, I’m an optimist, but I’m also a realist.

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