Unusually warm in southern Europe – VG

Unusually warm in southern Europe - VG
HOT: The image shows temperatures in Spain on October 19 at 4pm.

The weather is unusually warm in southern Europe and Spain, reports the Meteorological Institute. The temperatures are reminiscent of the heat waves that swept through this summer.


They write that on Tuesday a new record was set for the station in Granada, Spain, with a score of 35.1 degrees.

Such heatwaves are a trend, and global warming means there will be more of them, says climate researcher Rasmus Benstad.

And in the city of Luga, in southern Spain, yesterday, it recorded 35.8 degrees Celsius. It’s not just hot in Europe:

– There is also a record heat wave in October in the northwestern United States, says Benstad.

heat wave caused by Extreme heat in June And that the Mediterranean was much warmer than usual.

BBC Weather reported on Twitter that on October 18 it was hot in parts of Spain.

In Granada, where the Meteorological Institute reported a station record of 35.1 degrees, the BBC reported the temperature was 35.3 degrees on October 18.

Most of Western Europe will remain warmer than normal in October, the BBC writes.

The European Union’s climate directorate general wrote on Twitter that 2022 was the hottest summer Europe has ever seen, beating the previous record set in 2021.

The thermometer in Spain has not only tilted 40 degrees in the month of June. At Christmas, 43 degrees were measured near Seville.

Forest fires: In June, large swaths of forest burned in southern Spain.

Cause hot summer severe forest fires In large parts of Europe too In Spain.

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But bushfire problems did not persist into the summer months. In September, several hundred were evacuated as a result Forest fire in Malaga province.

Watch the stunning video from the wildfires in Spain in July:

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