Arab Foreign Ministers in Oslo – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Arab Foreign Ministers in Oslo – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

In the past, they have held talks in other places, such as the United States, China and Russia.

They will meet on Friday with the Nordic countries, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. All this will happen in Tiger City.

The purpose of the group is to work toward a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and to start a discussion about what a permanent two-state solution might look like.

The attending members are the foreign ministers of Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Palestinian Authority.

The foreign ministers of Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Palestinian Authority are scheduled to meet here on Friday.

Photo: Maria Knopf Vignas/NRK

Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide told NRK that the meeting could “create some new ideas on how to move forward.”

– He says that all countries that come here want a ceasefire and have worked intensively for that.

– Unease about how the war will affect the region

But the main focus is what comes next, says Parth Eddy.

– These countries are deeply concerned, both regarding the situation in Gaza itself and in the Middle East in the context of the entire conflict between Hamas and Israel, but also about its spread and how this affects the entire larger region.

Parth Ede also says he is concerned about “how war increases polarization between countries,” and that he hopes the meeting will help address this.

The meeting comes at the initiative of the Saudi Foreign Minister, who leads the group.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken meets with the foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League in Washington

Here’s the OIC group having a conversation with Joe Biden in Washington, DC

Photograph: Evelyn Hochstein/Reuters

It was first created by Organization of Islamic Cooperation in November. also Egypt, Indonesia and Nigeria are members of the organization, but their delegates did not join Norway.

Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani arrived on Thursday evening. He is both Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, the small country that talks to everyone.

Qatar was previously a mediator between the United States and the Taliban Between the United States and Iran. Last month, they also played mediators in prisoner exchanges and ceasefire agreements between Israel and Hamas.

The Palestinian desire for a two-state solution

The Palestinian Ambassador to Norway, Marie-Antoinette Seiden, appears optimistic when she sees the list of countries present in Oslo on Friday:

-It is acting at a very high level. She tells NRK: These are the decision makers.

Palestinian Ambassador to Norway Marie Antoinette Seiden

The Palestinian ambassador has high hopes for the meeting in Oslo on Friday.

Photo: Benjamin Danielsen/NRK

Sadeen says that the first priority during the meeting should be to achieve a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons.

The second is to stop the war. She believes that the two-state solution is closer than anything else, and that this is absolutely necessary for the Palestinians.

– What should come out of this meeting are new requirements. Demanding Israel to accept the two-state solution.

– What responsibility does the international community have?

– Follow up on international law. We must push for a two-state solution.

Israel policy

There are differences between Israel and the United States, its most important ally, which wants to resume talks on establishing an independent Palestinian state.

Photograph: Ronen Zvulun/AP

But Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised speech earlier this week that it would not be important for Israel to have a new two-state solution.

– I will not allow Israel to make the same mistake as the Oslo Accords.

– Gaza will not become Hamas and Fatehistan.

Hamas is not clear about the two-state solution

In November, NRK met with Hamas’s international spokesman, Osama Hamdan.

He was asked what Hamas could do to find a solution to the conflict.

Hamdan then responded, saying: “There has never been an Israel, and there never will be,” indicating that Hamas does not recognize Israel as a state.

Hamas leader Osama Hamdan in an interview with NRK's ​​Yama Wasmal
Photography: Abu Jaoude Emad/NRK

But in December, another senior Hamas official, Musa Abu Marzouk, said otherwise.

Marzouk is open in one Interview with Al-Monitor For a two-state solution and recognition of Israel.

Therefore, there are different opinions within Hamas about their position.

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