It is said that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has made a lot of money from his image

It is said that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has made a lot of money from his image

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The Merchandise: Mughsot of Donald Trump is printed on everything from mugs to T-shirts.

In a few days, mugs, T-shirts, and other merchandise will have made good money for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


On Friday evening, the former president turned himself in to Foton Prison, Georgia, accused of trying to change the results of the 2020 state elections.

After only about 15 minutes in jail, Trump was released.

And after a short time it was mug shotmug shotPhoto taken by the police of people arrested in the United States. – The photo taken by Trump was announced, and this particular photo is said to have greatly benefited Trump and his supporters.

Trump’s campaign for the 2024 presidential election claims to have raised $7.1 million, the equivalent of more than NOK 75 million, since Friday night.

according to BBC A large percentage of this money comes from selling mugs and T-shirts emblazoned with the now-famous image, among other things.

Inside the Walls: This is the photo taken of Donald Trump in Foton Prison on Friday night, Norwegian time.

Trump is the first current or former president in US history to be indicted in a criminal case, and he is also the first president to take a selfie.

As mentioned, he is accused of trying to change the election results in Georgia, where Joe Biden won by barely 11,779 votes in 2020. For his part, Trump believes the election is stolen.

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In all, the former president faces 13 charges, but he denies all criminal charges.

Eighteen others in the case have been charged in Georgia, under the so-called “mafia boss clause”.


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