Conor McGregor – Anger after trauma scenes

Conor McGregor – Anger after trauma scenes

Irish martial arts star Conor McGregor (35 years old) spoke out forcefully regarding the riots that took place in Ireland last week.

Last Thursday, three children and a woman were stabbed outside a school in Dublin.

Later in the day, major riots broke out in the city – and the Irish capital woke up on Friday to looted shops and burned-out cars.

– There is a serious danger among us in Ireland. No action has been taken to support the public in any way with this horrifying fact. Not good enough, MacGregor wrote, among other things, on X/Twitter – with a clear message to the country’s authorities.

– Taken to bed

Irish police reported that 34 people were arrested and that one police officer was seriously injured as a result of the riots.

Eric Mustad, an expert on British politics and senior lecturer at Agder University, believes the country has never seen anything like this before.

– This is something Ireland has not had much experience with. This is something completely new. Both politicians and the Foreign Office were probably surprised by the scale. He told Dagbladet that it started as demonstrations, but developed into riots.

Riots: Fires had to be put out after the Dublin riots. Brian Lawless/PA via AP
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Authorities in Ireland said unconfirmed reports circulating on social media that an “illegal immigrant” was behind the knife attack sparked the unrest.

In recent years, Ireland has had a relatively open immigration policy, according to Mustad. It is believed that the people behind the riots objected to openness.

– Ireland was a friendly country and welcomed immigrants, as many of them immigrated throughout history from Ireland. We have never seen such riots before. And so everyone was taken to bed.

How it appeared: Several casualties occurred as a result of the riot.  This is a picture from Friday, the next day.  Photograph: Brian Lawless/AAP

How it appeared: Several casualties occurred as a result of the riot. This is a picture from Friday, the next day. Photograph: Brian Lawless/AAP
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– Shame

The country’s justice minister denied that the riots were immigration-related and described the protesters as “criminals and thugs” who used the attack for their own gain.

– It’s not about immigration, Justice Minister Helen McEntee tells Irish national radio RTE.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Friday that those behind the riots had brought shame on Ireland and that the violence did not represent the population.

It is time we stand together and remind those who claim to speak on our behalf of what our country really stands for.

– Those involved have brought shame to Dublin, they have brought shame to Ireland, and they have brought shame to their families and themselves, Varadkar told reporters.

Prime Minister: Leo Varadkar.  Photo: Brian Lawless/Pennsylvania Images

Prime Minister: Leo Varadkar. Photo: Brian Lawless/Pennsylvania Images
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MacGregor is one of those who reacted to the statements made by the Prime Minister and parts of the government.

The outspoken and controversial Irishman has a clear message for politicians.

– Announcing our business plan! What are we waiting for? Your statements about nothing are absolutely worthless in solving this problem,” he wrote on X/Twitter.

McGregor is considered one of the most influential martial arts figures of all time, both in action inside and outside the MMA cage.

Mustad realizes that such a voice has an impact on the people of Ireland.

-You could say that all voices in a culture that have the support of the people will be important for representing public opinion or the popular vote.

– Obviously, that kind of influence is great when you have famous people speaking out.

Violent demonstrations after knife attacks

Violent demonstrations after knife attacks

Micheal Martin, Ireland’s Foreign Minister, was among those who reacted strongly to the numerous statements made by the Irish mixed martial arts star.

– Such isolated voices and voices that mainly incite hatred and to some extent calls are unacceptable, Martin said.

Mustad points out that there are often many exchanges of opinions after this type of case.

– Ireland is not used to this. Here comes the exchange of views after the event. It’s not abnormal. He says that the finger of blame will always be pointed at those responsible.

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