May 29, 2023


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Updated: - It will be a new Kia e Niro

Updated: – It will be a new Kia e Niro

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(Electric Car 24): The Kia e-Niro is a hidden treasure in the Norwegian electric car market. Not because it didn’t happen, but because demand was greater than supply. Recently, this has improved, but now the e-Niro is also an outdated car, at the same time the market has a much larger range.

At the Seoul Motor Show, Kia is now releasing a new Kia Niro, both with a hybrid drivetrain, but the most interesting for the Norwegians; Also as a fully electric e-Niro.

Now it must be said that the car is an upgraded version of the current one, absolutely no defect. The car’s affordability, roominess, and performance are better than most cars in this class, in terms of range. It looks like the new one will be able to offer the same.

Significantly changed: The design has changed significantly from today’s model, although the platform is the same. Image: product
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New or updated?

To the naked eye, the car might look brand new, as it shares few similarities with its predecessor. However, it is “only” an upgraded model, even if the car simply acquired an almost completely new exterior and interior.

On the outside, the new Niro has the same design language as the Kia Soul, among other things, with seemingly narrow headlights that visually pass through the entire vehicle.

In fact, it also has LEDs at the end of each side.

good on the inside

Inside, a lot happened. Here, the device has been completely changed with the dashboard, and the car now has a user interface more taken from the EV6 than its predecessor.

This raises the impression that a modern car has been around for nearly two decades.

It now has a large screen in front of the steering wheel, as well as a screen above the center console. You also have the same wheel for gear selection with the EV6. Unfortunately, it also got a lot of high-gloss black in some of the details, something that we have nothing to do with the car. It brings out dust and fingerprints better than anything else, which is not very sensitive.

Inspiration: The Kia e-Niro was inspired by its older brother, the EV6.  Image: product

Inspiration: The Kia e-Niro was inspired by its older brother, the EV6. Image: product
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Recycling on a large scale

On top of that, Kia chose to keep the technical specs close to its box, because we know so little about changes related to the battery, range and engines. On the other hand, they gladly say that the car received large amounts of recycled materials, both inside and out.

For example, the roof covering is made of recycled wallpaper, the seats contain elements taken from eucalyptus leaves, while the paint on some parts of the car is water-based and completely gasoline-free.

The rechargeable hybrid will be less relevant in Norway, but clever measures have been taken here as well. The car has, among other things, a so-called Greenzone Drive mode, where the geolocation determines when the car will automatically switch to full electric operation, for example in the city center and the like.

So far, little has been said about prices, models, equipment levels and access, other than that the cars will appear on the market during 2022.

Then it comes around the same time as no less than 40 other electric cars, so it’s no longer a choice, if you’re looking for a new electric car. Good luck and God bless you!

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