US media: Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos want to buy football teams

US media: Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos want to buy football teams

Both Washington Post And the People It is reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is interested in buying the American football team Washington Commanders.

Newspapers quoted anonymous sources as saying that Bezos is looking into the possibility of buying the soccer team. to me Forbes The team is valued at around $5.6 billion, or roughly NOK 53 billion.

The Washington captains were formerly the Washington Redskins and have played in the NFL since 1932. In 2020, the club changed its name to the Washington Football Team. In 2022, they named it the leaders of Washington. It was the reason for the name change accusations of racismAfter the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

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The Washington Post is reporting that Bezos may end up working with Jay-Z. According to the newspaper, the artist should be relevant as an investor behind a potential bid from Bezos.

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– I don’t know if they want to work together, says the anonymous source to the Washington Post, but claims that both should be interested.

Jay-Z was the first rapper to become a billionaire, and according to Forbes Good for about 1.3 billion dollars. Bezos, for his part, is good 113 billion dollars.

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At the age of thirty, Bezos started an Amazon online store in his garage in Seattle. The site only sold books at first, but Jeff Bezos knew early on where he wanted to go: Amazon had become a “store for everything.”

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Amazon went public in 1997 and gained crazy momentum with the dotcom bubble that grew during the 1990s. The online shopping company survived when the bubble burst, and in 2021 it grew to become the third largest in the world.

Bezos has been named the world’s richest man several times, and he owns, among other things, The Washington Post, the newspaper that now reports that Bezos is interested in investing money in American football.

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