USA:- Kobe (4) saved the neighborhood

USA:- Kobe (4) saved the neighborhood

Perhaps the dog's owner, Chanel Belle (28 years old), and her neighbors in Philadelphia, USA, can consider themselves happy that the husky Kobe is taking care of the quarter.

As reported by the British News Agency Southwestern News Service (SWNS).

According to Bell, she must have suspected owls in the swamp when she saw Coby start digging a hole in their garden just before Christmas.

Unusual behavior

According to the mother, Belle and the four-year-old dog have a very strong bond, and the 28-year-old describes the digging as very unusual behavior for Kobe.

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“His senses can always be trusted,” she says, “and he doesn’t dig holes unless he has to help me dig in the garden.”

So she assumed he was trying to tell her something, and apparently she was right.

I got the results

Due to a previous gas leak in the house, Bill already had a meter lying around. Suddenly the matura realized she had to test it on Kobe's hole – and she got a result.

Drawing attention: - Nausea

Drawing attention: – Nausea

The 28-year-old immediately notified the authorities, and technicians discovered three other gas leaks in the neighborhood in addition to the one in her garden.

According to Bell, they said the leaks were due to old pipes, and it took three days to correct the errors.

– Danger of explosion

Residents must be informed that this could have serious consequences.

– If this had not been discovered, and the gas had continued to leak into our homes, it could have led to serious health problems such as breathing difficulties, brain damage and even death. They also said that something as innocent as turning on a light could trigger an explosion, Bell claims.

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There should have been no shortage of praise for Kobe from the professionals who repaired the damaged pipes.

– They liked him very much. “It feels so good to know that Kobe saved our neighborhood, and I'm so grateful that he's mine,” she says.

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