Peter (46) died on a family holiday

Peter (46) died on a family holiday

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  • Dr. Peter Foss Gjessing, 46, a surgeon from Tromsø, died unexpectedly while on vacation in Vietnam.
  • Gjesing, who worked at the University Hospital of Northern Norway, is survived by a wife and two children.
  • He was known for his dedication and skill as a surgeon, and his passing has left a great void among his colleagues and immediate family.

Petter Fosse Gjessing (46), who worked as a gastrosurgeon at the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN), died unexpectedly while on holiday with his family in Vietnam. This was confirmed by his wife Vivi Gjesingh in a Facebook post about her husband.

– As a surgeon, he saved many lives, but now his life could not be saved. It feels so cruelly unfair and we are heartbroken,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

He died suddenly on January 3 morning local time. Jijessingh, who was in very good physical condition, went for a run and fell into the pool.

For several hours, resuscitation efforts were made, but Jijesing's life could not be saved.

Dagbladet has been in contact with the family, who have given permission to reproduce the Facebook post. They know that death is being discussed.

It was Nordlys newspaper He was the first to mention death.

Father of the Family: Peter Foss Jessing leaves behind two sons. He died on a family vacation in Vietnam. Photo: Private
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– Grief is baseless

Vivi Gjessing writes that she and her children have many good memories with Peter Fosse Gjessing.

– Family ties are stronger than ever, especially since we got a lot of quality time together in New Zealand. I feel lucky to have lived half my life so far with my loving husband whom I am very proud of.

Petter Fosse Gjessing is survived by his children Helmer and Ludwig and his wife Vivi Gjessing.

– Now Ludwig, Helmer and I have to find a new way to cope with everyday life without the safe, patient, loving and playful dad that I loved so much. It will be a bumpy and dark road, but together we will seek the light, writes Vivi Gjessingh.

– The void Peter has already left behind feels enormous. The loss and the thought of never holding him again was unbearable. Now I will muster all my strength for the two precious treasures, Helmer and Ludwig. Be still, dear Peter! Thank you for the love you have given us. Grief is shallow, she writes further.

– Lead is heavy

One of Gjessing's closest friends was Øivind Hansen, head of the youth department at the folkball club Tromsø IL.

– The impossible happened. Peter, my best friend! The shock is great, and so is the sadness. The biggest and strongest among us, he writes on Facebook.

– Lead is heavy. Empty, he adds.

Hansen has given Dagbladet permission to reproduce the content of his Facebook post.

In mourning: Øivind Hansen, head of the youth department of the Tromsø IL football team, a close friend of Petter Fosse Gjessing.  Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB

In mourning: Øivind Hansen, head of the youth department of the Tromsø IL football team, a close friend of Petter Fosse Gjessing. Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB
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He remembered a colleague

Stig Norderval, head physician of the Department of Gastroenterology at UNN in Tromsø, writes in an email to Dagbladet that they received the news of Peter's death with great sadness and disbelief.

– He was a key surgeon in the colon and rectal surgery group, besides all the other patient groups he was involved with, he says.

Nordervall says he has known Peter for 20 years and has followed him since he started doing surgery and research.

– He was thoroughly and professionally dedicated, and developed into a highly skilled surgeon and researcher with a humorous slant that liberates most subjects. He was also a rare good colleague who treated those around him with respect, be it health workers, patients or relatives.

– He leaves a void that we don't see that we can fill with another person, and the miss for him is great. Our thoughts go out to those he has left behind, especially his wife Vivi and children.

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