Vågan boat association ready – NRK Nordland

Vågan boat association ready - NRK Nordland

Wednesday morning, the storm hit Lofoten hard.

I got the road between Sandsletta and Laukvika really experienced.

It is ten meters long and three meters deep, Bjarne Rystad tells NRK.

It is in the place where the way gave way to all the waters.

The road collapsed when large amounts of water collected on one side.

Photo: John Inge Johansen / NRK

– cracked

He was on site early – in full swing to block the road so no one would drive into the hole. He says there were huge amounts of water that made the road irresistible.

The height of the road is 3 to 4 meters on the side where the water collects. It’s completely filled up, he says and adds:

– cracked. The damage was done about ten meters from the road, and it was reduced by three meters.

Taxi driver Frank Yttergaard was on a school bus at Freddy’s in Flaxstad when he had to stop the car.

– And the wind is very strong in the wind blowing now, and there are large amounts of water on the sides of the mountains. He tells NRK that it would be fun to continue if a landslide happened.

Autumn is on the way, and With autumn comes the storm too. There was an occasional little storm at night through Wednesday, and the winds keep going.

– You will be the strongest along the coast, especially in Lofoten.

That’s what Harvard Thorst, a meteorologist on duty in Værvarslinga, northern Norway, says.

The fishing hut in Likinislita was badly damaged by the wind

The fishing hut in Likeneslita was badly damaged by the wind.

Photo: Jer Cajander Markusin

38 meters per second

The ferry company Torghatten Nord has already canceled the Bodø-Værøy-Røst-Moskenes ferry link in the morning and later in the morning.

Storm over Norway on Wednesday at 09:00.


There are also settings in the Bodø-Moskenes connection. The Levang-Nesna ferry has been cancelled. Several speedboats in Helgeland are also on the pier waiting for the wind to blow.

Both the Gimsøybrua and Kåkern bridges on the E10 in Lofoten were closed due to strong winds. Wind speeds here are 30 and 38 meters per second, respectively, according to Vegtrafikksentralen.

The storm is also affecting parts of Troms and Finnmark. Many ferry links are closed or have been closed. The same applies to speedboats. I see tromskortet.no For updated information.

There is a lot of wind today, meteorologist Eileen Schjerwagen told NRK. It should also rain occasionally throughout the day.

South Troms winds blow at 25-30 meters per second. There will also be strong winds from north Troms and north. For example, in that region the wind speed in the Lingen Alps can reach 33-37 m / s. That’s how it will be until Wednesday night, says Skjervagen.

Wind speed in the last hour reached 33.1 meters per second in Melbo See: Portwind - Melbo Belverga Tesfjord that operates the ferry connection that runs from Melbo-Fiskepol, so far.

In the last hour, the wind speed reached 33.1 m.s. Melbu Bilferga Tysfjord, which operates the Melbu-Fiskebøl ferry link, is still in operation.

Photo: Bjorn Eddy

Gimsøy Bridge closed

The Gimsøy Bridge on the E10 motorway is closed in the morning. Here we see queues of cars waiting to come.

Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration

danger warning

Meteorologists have issued a yellow warning of strong winds in large parts of northern Norway. In some places in Nordland, winds can blow up to 30 meters per second.

After Wednesday, you will notice winds in particular Troms and Finnmark.

– Here the winds will be strongest in the middle of the day. Locally, some places can have stronger winds than we see in Nordland, says the meteorologist.

In some places there may be gusts of 30 to 35 meters per second.

– It probably won’t hit built-up areas, but there’s a greater potential for strong winds north of Troms and west of Finnmark, says Thurst.

For Nordland, the strongest winds will fall throughout the afternoon. Whereas for the Troms and Finnmark part it is only late in the afternoon and by evening the wind will drop.

And the reason for all of this?

It can blow well once the wind blows. Here, MS «Northern Norway» is docked in Bodø in January of last year.

Strong low pressure in Jan Mayen.

Fortunately, the low pressure did not reach the coast. Then we have a lot of pressure on Russia. The meteorologist says there will be a huge pressure difference between these, and then there will be a lot of wind.

Take it easy and safe

Per Odd Krystad is the leader of the Vågan Boating and Fishing Association.

Per Odd Krystad is the leader of the Vågan Boating and Fishing Association. Everyone is encouraged to secure their boats.

Photo: John Inge Johansen / NRK

In Lofoten you are used to the wind. Already in July, the region hit the first autumn storm of the year. Then the wind turned, among other things, a caravan.

Per Odd Krystad in Vågan does not look too dark at what is to come now.

– It’s the usual thing. Take it easy, secure things and stay inside. There is nothing worse than that. Have a good glass of wine.

This is Per Aude Cristad’s advice to people now when the wind is at its worst. He is the leader of the Vågan Boating and Fishing Association.

Despite the fact that Lofoten takes the storm seriously, the police in Nordland have clear advice:

We encourage people to follow weather reports, take precautions and attach loose items, says Tommy Beach, director of operations for the Nordland Police District, and adds:

– But people in northern Norway are used to strong weather.

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