– Very impressive – VG

- Very impressive - VG

Some stories from the world of football are more beautiful than others. And they’re often about grades. This is about Dennis Musid (19).


What happened in Drangedal on Thursday night is better than most things on a Norwegian soccer field in 2022.

Dennis came ten minutes before the end and scored in his first game for the proud village football team.

– It was very touching, mother Maria Dukefuss tells VG.

– Colleagues, opponents, referee, coaches – everyone cheered for Dennis and was really happy for him.

The 19-year-old, who has Down syndrome, has long been a part of the Drangedal football community.

she was toe who first mentioned it.

Jubilee: Denis Moussed (TV) scored the last goal for Dernidal, after a pass from his good teammate and role model Nicolae Jonskos Luiti.

Earlier this year, the coach promised that Dennis would make his fall debut – on the Drangedal B team.

But Drangedal had to pull off the B team this summer. And that’s how Dennis ended up in the first team – in Thursday’s season finale against Selgurd, who had led 5-1 when Dennis entered the field, ten minutes before the end.

– Practice hard – especially in archery. Drangedal’s sporting director, Bjornar Logens, says he has become tough on penalty kicks and free kicks.

– Dennis wasn’t nervous. It “keeps on,” Loggins continues.

– First he made a shot, then he had the opportunity again – and he put the ball into the back of the net. Then the stadium in Drangidal exploded. She hasn’t done it before, sober Luggens says — and continues:

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– It was a great sporting moment.

Mama Maria Dukefoss again:

Dennis has been looking forward to letting him play for a very long time. When he scored, I was surprised and terrified.

Acceptable by all

– Arranged for him to try to score. Opposing players, players, referee, coaches – everyone help ensure Dennis has a great experience.

– And yet?

– Then there was a break-in to the track, cheers. Celebrate with Nikolai Junskus Luiti, who posted this post. Then he took the “high five” with the verdict. He made an impression, so he had to put his hands on his knees and calm down.

– How was that for you?

– very Influential. Everyone helped give him that experience. Everyone was really happy for him. It has always been that way in Drangedal. Dennis has always taken good care of him. It is acceptable to everyone, whether on the football field or anywhere else. There has been a lot of football over the years, including with younger brother Matisse (18), who has been very active.

On a daily basis, Dennis Musid attends High School in Krageru three days a week and works two days a week at the family park Holfgill Farm in Drangid.

plays on the cylinder

– And then he plays the drums at the cultural school. It is a highlight. And play FIFA and Fortnite on Playstation. And go out with friends. Like everyone else, says mom Maria Dukfuss.

The match ended with a score of 6-2 against Selgurd. Guest coach Lars Inge Soleil told TA that they spoke to Drangedal before the match:

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– We knew he would be replaced. We were going to actually try to take a penalty, but it wasn’t that easy, because they weren’t in the penalty area often. Then they got a chance and then we made it possible to score. It was very popular and very fun.

The result means a lot to Dennis. Now he’s up high, smiling Dernadel sporting director Björnard Logens.

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