Views from the Russian link: – “Use all weapons”

Views from the Russian link: - "Use all weapons"

Recently requested Ministry of Defense Russian forces are increasingly using unsafe communication channels in the United States. This is because protected communication channels must be overloaded.

“Suddenly we were shot. I gave you Sneg’s coordinates. He needs help. Use all weapons. You have to point all the weapons in that direction. This is what the audio recording of a sudden internal conversation between Russian forces sounds like New York Times.

Avisa claims to have hundreds of audio recordings of internal conversations between Russian forces based in Ukraine, obtained by amateur radio operators and those who have publicly shared them on the Internet.

In addition, Ukrainian officials have shared audio recordings of alleged internal links between Russian forces.

Expert Review

The most important was Khair Hagen Carlson, headmaster and lieutenant colonel at the Staff College at the Norwegian Defense College.

– We see weaknesses in most of the equipment of the Russians. Their communication devices are not of usable quality. In addition, we have seen trivial things that make car tires non-stop, that is, they get punctured and get stuck at speeds we have never seen before, Carlson tells Docbladet:

– Easy access to intelligence by other parties when communication equipment is inadequate – Information on what Russian forces are doing and thinking. This will be very useful when planning operations for the Ukrainians, while the Russians will be less efficient. In addition, failure of equipment, plan, leadership and logistics can weaken morale.

In full: The Guardian reports that the port area in the city of Berdyansk in Ukraine is in full swing. Video: Twitter.
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Clips obtained by the New York Times are said to have come from the first 24 hours of Russia’s offensive against the city of McCarthy, west of the capital Kiev. Avisa claims to have verified the authenticity of audio recordings by linking them with photos, videos and descriptions of eyewitnesses from Ukraine.

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Content contains recordings of conversations explaining the logic challenges and distrust of the Russians. In addition, the New York Times has published audio clips of Ukrainians breaking communications with Russians and disrupting communications.

‘You forgot it to hell. You forgot an air support to hell. You forgot! Over, a Russian soldier screams in frustration at a record. The conversation is said to have taken place half an hour after he first asked for reinforcement.

Unloading boat: Video released by the Azov Battalion shows the Ukrainians sinking a Russian boat on March 20, 2022. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Waggard Krueger
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Public drop

The New York Times writes that even generals used unsafe communication channels during the war, resulting in the death of a Russian soldier.

Lt. Col. Carlson explains that today’s technology helps to identify who is speaking in the records. This is done by linking the voice sample to the database.

– Carlson believes this was one of the reasons why the Ukrainians were able to take the lives of so many generals.

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