Violation of voluntary arbitration for construction trade – E24

Violation of voluntary arbitration for construction trade – E24

On Friday morning, Byggfagene broke off voluntary arbitration with the NHO building sector.

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At the same time they warn Resignation Resignation Also called a notice to initiate a labor dispute involving a strike or lockout. This is part of the procedure before starting such a confrontation. The resignation reveals who was actually kicked out in the conflict. Source: FriFagbevegelseFor 16,700 members. That means 16,700 members may be called on strike, the federation has announced.

Fellesforbundet reports this in a Press release.

The Ombudsman has invited the parties to compulsory mediation on Monday 8 April, commencing at 10am.

– The most important requirements of this solution are increased purchasing power and the right to more and more education. Here, there are great expectations among our members, says the head of negotiations from Fellesforbundet, Christian Justnes, in the press release.

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It could be a general strike

Justness says they have other needs as well.

– We also have requirements for working hours and travel time. These will contribute to a more dynamic industry where our members have greater predictability in their own leisure time. When the employers' response to that is less predictable, Justness says, there is no other option than compulsory arbitration.

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The deadline at Riksmekleren is midnight until Wednesday next week. If the parties do not agree, a general strike will be held in the construction industry.

The Construction Trades Collective Agreement is the largest collective agreement for workers in the construction industry and covers more than 18,000 union members.

Trade Union Man: A negotiator in the Federation, Christian Justice during the National Conference of the Federation.

Before Easter, there was a breach of the pre-sector settlement.

Compulsory mediation is going on in the leading subject. 14,301 workers may go on strike from Sunday unless the Confederation of Norwegian Trade Unions and Norwegian Industry agree.

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