Gaza protests across the country: Up to 13,000 people are estimated at the demonstration in Oslo.

Gaza protests across the country: Up to 13,000 people are estimated at the demonstration in Oslo.

Organizers include LO, Unio, The Norwegian Church, Amnesty and Save the Children as demonstrations for peace in Gaza take place in more than twenty towns and cities.

– By mobilizing people in the streets and squares, we collectively show solidarity with Gaza. Peggy Hesen Folsvik, LO president on behalf of all organizations, says public engagement helps increase pressure on Israel to stop the killing of children and civilians in Gaza.

There were no incidents in Oslo

For now, police say things are going smoothly during the commemoration at Eidsvalls Place in Oslo.

– Our job is to take care and make sure things happen, Tor Grottam, Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, tells NTB.

He says there are now too many people, creating some traffic challenges. Among other things, the gate to Rosencrantz is closed to traffic.

– So far there have been no incidents, we have seen no signs of counter-protesters, says Grotham.

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Police signature at 13.55 X (Ex Twitter) Commemoration ends in Oslo. They estimate there were 13,000.

Police estimated that up to 10,000 people attended the memorial in Oslo. In addition, it has been demonstrated in more than twenty other Norwegian towns and cities. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTP

Three requirements

After more than two months of war, the civilian situation in the Gaza Strip is dire. According to the United Nations, about 18,000 Palestinians have been killed, more than 70 percent of them women and children.

– Regardless of political color, everyone in Norway believes that the bombing of people in Gaza should stop, says Lain Khatib, head of the Palestine Committee. Class struggle.

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On Saturday, protesters made three demands: stop the killing of children and civilians in Gaza, uphold international law and release civilians held hostage and arbitrarily imprisoned.

– The requirements are broad and designed so that politically disaffected companies can join. We believe it is important to know that support for the Palestinians is enormous in Norway, says Khatib.

Most of the scoring started at 1pm on Saturday.

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