Volvo C40 and XC40 – Suddenly Volvo is among the best in the range

Volvo C40 and XC40 – Suddenly Volvo is among the best in the range

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(Elbil24): – It is with great pleasure that we can now adjust the range numbers further for the XC40 and C40. The fact that both cars are now available with a range of more than 550 kilometers, we believe, makes them even more attractive to Norwegian customers, says Erik Trosby, Communications Manager at Volvo Car Norway in a press release.

It’s the 2024 model that the Volvo C40 and XC40 are referring to. The start of production is slated for the second quarter of 2023, but Volvo has already opened up for orders. As you know, Volvo also has the EX90 flagship in the works.

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growing range

Volvo is now moving away from front-wheel drive, so the new C40 / XC40 models are only available with rear-wheel drive or all-four. The motor on the rear axle should be more powerful than before, and the cars should have a new, more efficient inverter.

The announcement that Volvo will now refresh the C40 and XC40 range comes just a few months after the last similar update. Back in December, Volvo increased the range as follows (WLTP):

  • C40: 435 km => 533 km (extended range)
  • XC40: 422 km => 515 km (extended range)

Now the range has been increased again:

  • C40: 533 km => 578 km (extended range)
  • XC40: 515km => 570km (extended range)

So the overview shows that the models increase by 45 and 55 kilometers. This also means that the models have close to 60 miles of range. You can get a full overview here:

When Volvo last updated the range numbers, they mentioned that they were raw numbers that could then be changed.

It is now clear that the range will be longer than first estimates. When cars are now certified according to the WLTP driving course, they have achieved better range numbers than the aforementioned previously reported raw numbers.

Incidentally, the range will vary with additional equipment chosen, wheel size etc. – as with other electric cars.

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Increase charging effect

Charging power has also been increased for the 2024 models. The current one has a maximum charging power of 150 kW, but it’s now being bumped up to 200 kW.

As you know, this is the maximum power and usually only applies to a small part of the charging cycle. Volvo doesn’t mention time consuming from 10-80 percent or so at the moment.

However, in our charging test of the C40, we saw that charging power stayed above 100kW until it reached about 50 percent capacity.

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the prices

Starting prices for a recharged Volvo C40 / XC40 (2024)


73 kWh

82 kWh

82 kWh extended range

XC40 Recharge 488,100 Norwegian kroner 534,300 Norwegian kroner 585,400 Norwegian kroner
Charging C40 502,500 Norwegian kroner 552,000 Norwegian kroner 603,100 Norwegian kroner

Volvo also offers cars through a car subscription system. The 36-month commitment period and largest battery pack costs NOK 9,690 for the XC40 and NOK 9,790 for the C40.

If you buy the car, service and maintenance will be included in the price. A short time ago, we examined the meaning of the service involved for various car models, Volvo models included the following:


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With the subscription, service and maintenance is also included, as well as full comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance, as well as replacement of windshield wipers and other wear and tear parts.

If you buy the 2024 model now, you can expect deliveries of the XC40 and C40 in August and October 2023, respectively.

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