Volvo EM90 – It will be the next model from Volvo

Volvo EM90 – It will be the next model from Volvo

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(Bill 24): November 12th will be a date to note if you’re looking for an electric car that’s bigger than normal. That’s when Volvo will share more about its upcoming electric car, the EM90, which will be a multi-purpose vehicle of the larger type.

Volvo currently doesn’t have much to say about the newcomer, apart from the fact that it’s designed as a “Scandinavian living room on wheels”.

We’ve taken a look at Volvo’s upcoming compact SUV: EX30.
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Sister model

However, after all the solar brands, the EM90 will be a Volvo version of Zeekr 009, as both of these brands are owned by Geely.

This is a six-seater minibus with a length of 5.21 meters and a height of 1.85 meters. The battery has a capacity of 140 kWh which provides a range of up to 82 miles according to the Chinese CLTC standard, which probably means about 50 miles on our shores.

With a wheelbase of just over 3.2 metres, there’s plenty of room inside the Zeekr 009. Photo: Zeekr
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However, the engine is quite powerful – with 544 hp and 686 Nm of torque, the giant should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds.

And if you fold down the third row of seats, you have a whopping 2,979 liters of luggage capacity. With all six seats in use, luggage space comes to 376 litres.

More in November

So Volvo will show more EM90 on November 12th. Hopefully, we’ll also get an insight into when the car will hit the market and at what price.

Chinese customers will at least have the opportunity to pre-order the car on the same day.

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