County Road, Gudbrandsdalen | Many district roads were opened on Friday

County Road, Gudbrandsdalen |  Many district roads were opened on Friday

Innlandet County Council writes in a press release that these and many other county roads damaged after floods and landslides during severe weather will be narrow and will be affected by roadworks for some time.

County Road 51 above Valdresfly is still fully closed at Rondon, where the County Road meets National Road 15 at Wagga. By driving County Road 257 around Heidel, all vehicles can pass Valdresfly.

– We have closed the road to large vehicles and created a temporary detour at Durrahugane to accommodate vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes. By driving County Road 257 around Randswerk, it is now possible to drive over the Valdresfly with all types of vehicles, says Johan Nockleholm, Unit Manager at the Inland County Municipality.

Nøkleholm emphasizes that accessibility is reduced in both fv. 51 and fv. 257 and will be for a while.

Fylkesveg 255

County Road 255 between Bodle and Espedalon in Coastal will reopen on Friday afternoon, the county council said.

Therefore, the entire county road 255 between Fåberg and Vinstra is now open.

– County Road 255 will have extended roadworks. Road users should expect to drive very slowly and wait to cross a light regulated area. The road has suffered major damage. In narrow sections, it may need to be closed for short periods, Nøkleholm says.

As of Friday afternoon, a dozen inland county roads were still closed due to flooding or landslides during violent rains two weeks ago.

Among others, four bridges are so damaged that they will remain closed for a long time.

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– It takes a long time

Here are the most important road closures in Gudbrandsdalen on Friday:

  • Fv. 2656 Øverbygdsvegen in Tovre – closed in two places. Work at Hagberget will last at least another week. The extension in Tallerås could open next week.
  • Fv. 2616 Sjårdalen in Vågå – closed to traffic for a long time.
  • Fv. Nedre Nordheradsveg at 2640 Vågå og Lom – closed to traffic, but it is possible to drive to the property.
  • Fv. Skogbygdvegen at 2632 Vågå – Open only for small vehicles and heavy vehicles with delivery.
  • Fv. 51 is closed to all vehicles at Randen in Vågå.
  • Fv. Arlien bru closed at 2528 Fåberg.
  • Fv. 2532 Ringebu and Baksidevegen in Sør-Fron – closed due to landslides in several places. The District Council is working on a temporary detour in the northern part. The renovation work will take several weeks. Additionally, the Randklev Bridge is closed.

– Our road network has been severely strained during Hurricane Hans. There are about 180 closed points on about 100 district roads. We are working hard to open them all, but in some places the damage is so great that it will take a long time, says Nøkleholm.

He encourages road users who still have fully or partially closed roads in their areas to get the information that the Norwegian Road Administration’s Road Transport Center publishes on its channels. New damage may occur or be discovered quickly, affecting access.

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