Wall Street is taking a hesitant turn toward the end

Wall Street is taking a hesitant turn toward the end

This is how it went with the major indexes on Wall Street:

  • The Dow Jones index rose 0.22 percent to 34,577 points.
  • The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 0.14% to 4,457 points.
  • The Nasdaq index rose 0.09 percent to 13,761 points.

The yield on ten-year US government bonds is 4.25 percent, while the VIX index, also called the fear index, fell 3.47 percent to 13.90.

The price of a barrel of North Sea oil rose 0.8 percent to $90.46 per barrel. WTI reached $87.37 a barrel.

Mixed for technology stocks

This is how technology companies performed on Wall Street on Friday:

  • Facebook shares fell 0.17 percent to 297.89 points.
  • Amazon shares rose 0.28 percent to 138.23 points.
  • Apple shares rose 0.35 percent to 178.18.

Apple’s stock is rising after the stock suffered a strong blow in the stock market on Wednesday and Thursday following news that the Chinese authorities are considering banning the use of the iPhone in the public sector.

“Geopolitical tension between the US and China is very high at the moment. The big question is whether tensions will escalate further before diplomatic solutions are eventually found,” Roger Berntsen wrote in an update from Nordnet.

Thus, the technological war between the two largest economies in the world continues. Among them, NVIDIA stock fell by 1.45 percent, while Alphabet, Google’s parent company, rose by 0.83 percent.

The relationship increases stress

Interest rate concerns have flared again among US investors ahead of the August CPI report, which will be released next week. The report may provide an indication towards inflation in August.

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“The market wants to see the U.S. economy in good shape, but not too well. If it is too strong, the Fed may need to be more aggressive in raising rates,” said Scott Rehn, chief global market strategist at Wells Fargo Investment Institute. interest to reduce inflation. market surveillance.

New numbers for first-time jobless claimants in the United States underscore the continued strong labor market, which also contributes to concerns that the Federal Reserve may begin to believe another rate hike may not be enough.

– Investors were hoping the Fed would take a break for the rest of the year, but there could be one or two interest rate hikes. All things being equal, it’s a bit negative for the stock market, Investment Director Chris Zaccarelli at the Alliance of Independent Advisors tells CNBC.

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