Want more people to express themselves in public

We want more people to use their freedom of expression so that public discussions become broader and more diverse. Everyone should be able to express themselves regardless, for example, of social background, functional ability, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Broad public debate is of fundamental value to the development of our society and contributes to a good, secure and open democracy. The Committee on Freedom of Expression’s report, which we are now sending for consultation, is important and can start discussions that can remove social barriers, says Culture and Equality Minister Annette Tribergstoen.

The report is about the framework for public space and how democratic dialogue works. Freedom of expression affects us all. I hope we’ll have an active and engaged public debate and plenty of input to follow up on the Committee on Freedom of Expression’s report, says Trettbergstoen.

The investigation contains more than 90 recommendations across a wide range of societal areas – including legislative changes, investigations, preparation of instructions, guidelines, action plans, and institutional recommendations and recommendations related to training, education, and research. In addition to proposals aimed at public authorities, the commission also directs recommendations to various parts of the business sector and civil society.

Freedom of Expression Authority investigation, NOU 2022: 9 An open and informed public conversation, to consult widely. Counseling is public, and anyone who wishes to respond to counseling can. The deadline for the session is January 16, 2023.

The commission’s report was delivered to the Minister of Culture and Equality on August 15, 2022.

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The task of the Committee on Freedom of Expression was to investigate the social, technological, legal, and economic framework of freedom of expression in today’s society. The background was that both the individual’s role, opportunities for expression, and the public space in general had undergone fundamental changes since the previous Committee on Freedom of Expression report presented in 1999.

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