Warholm on the coach’s claim: – That idiot was right before

Warholm on the coach's claim: - That idiot was right before

On July 1, Carsten Warholm erased the world record set by 29-year-old Kevin Young. In Bislet time 46.70, kissing the butt ace during the Olympic Games in Tokyo on August 3 In Olympic gold and broke his own world record By 45.94.

– Where do you go after 45.94?

Not easy to beat, Warholm Leif coach Olaf Allennis critically answers with a sly smile to TV 2 questions.

En route to a season with the World Cup in the USA as the biggest event, Warholm believes that for the first time in his career he can go through an entire season to set a personal record.

Warholm on the equipment controversy: – Don’t think anyone can run at 45.94

– It’s going to be very, very difficult. It’s more difficult to move the level now than ever. I actually thought a lot about it. The initial conclusion is that the first step down the road should be self-stabilization at a better level than it was before, says Olsteinvekengen.

It will stabilize at a higher level

TV 2 meets the duo regarding Introducing the 2022 National Athletics Team. Both are concerned with working towards a higher stable level.

We try to achieve development, but it can be difficult to get it in individual results. It’s not like you ran to Bislett on Tuesday and ran the 45 over the butt. But we should try to move the level and then maybe more to the stable level. It’s a little easier to achieve, says Nice.

The Warholm Record Races in Tokyo and at Bislet are the only two races the 25-year-old ran in the 1970s.

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– It’s not like I could go out to run 45.94 maybe again. If I am able to keep up with it in the future, there will be many times I can do this. But I would like to settle at a level perhaps 46s are more common to see next for example. It could be a realistic idea in the first place, Warholm says.

– Away from 45 and down to zero

Although the duo’s goal is stability, coach Alnæs appears to have more confidence in a new world record than Warholm himself.

– It remains to be seen, we do not know the outcome yet. I take comfort in the fact that it is very far from 45 and it goes down to zero. It is guaranteed not impossible. Alness smiles, but it won’t happen on “Any Sunday.”

– But do you think Warholm for the first time in his career could go through a season without setting a personal record?

– I think it’s better and “plan for success and deal with failure” than the other way around.

– So you plan to succeed, moving the boundaries even more?

– Why not, the Ness laughs in a special way.

Next, Warholm laughs when confronted with the coach’s statements that he can do better than 45.94:

– The asshole was right before. It is in a way that you have such a sick head that you may be beginning to break down those barriers. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think much of 45 either, but he said that too. The fact that we’ve done it at least once shows that it’s possible.

But the idea that the Olympic race is almost unbeatable and perfect has crept into Warholm.

– It’s also an improvement if you can lower the average time, I think we’ve made progress in that time as well. This is how we should start thinking. Then all of a sudden there might be a place in the future like in Tokyo, that the stars are in the sky the same day you’ll run, then stay, and smile the hedge ace.

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