January 27, 2023


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Warning of demanding driving conditions in southern Norway

Warning of demanding driving conditions in southern Norway

A warning has been issued for several places in southern Norway on Sunday. Many parts of southern Norway have been snowing and cold for a long time.

Areas around Oslo in eastern Norway could see 5 to 15 centimeters of rain within 24 hours. It may come as drizzle or rain and there is a chance of frost in coastal areas.

Sent on Saturday Yellow hazard warning Snowy and slippery roads in some parts of Akhtar. The same applies to western Norway south of Stadt and into the weekend.

Moderate winds are not expected to move towards northern Norway, and the current snow conditions will continue.

In many places, there are difficult driving conditions on Saturday – on Sunday, moderate weather is expected, making driving conditions demanding in some places.

– During Sunday, the temperature in southern Norway may rise above zero degrees in many places, meteorologist Susan Roeder tells NTB.

– This will further affect the driving conditions. So, Reuter says people should be extra aware of driving conditions and pay attention to hazard warnings over the last weekend before Christmas.

The National Roads Administration makes the necessary preparations and regularly carries out assessments and measures in the form of gravel and salt.

– If the weather forecasts are correct, there will be extra challenging driving conditions in Oslo and Viken, including Hallingdal. It can also be a challenge in parts of Drissel, Gutbrandsdalen and Österdalen, says division head Asbjorn Stensrud. Press release.

He encourages road users to allow plenty of time and drive according to conditions. Also keep a good distance to the car in front and have good tires.

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