We are pieces in Elon Musk’s apocalyptic dream factory – Dagsavisen

We are pieces in Elon Musk’s apocalyptic dream factory – Dagsavisen

Note: This is a Dagsavisen eccentric shaft. It may contain traces of both sarcasm and sarcasm.

I love Twitter. Or love. for many years. A playground for all kinds of people who like to write, argue, play or joke around. It was never classist. But damn Twitter seemed limitless in the early years.

A playground for fun and arguments. Joke and serious. Where completely ordinary fools can end up with fierce passions for power, people can play in a completely new society.

Twitter had more realistic political discussions than in Dagsnytt 18, but also more entertaining tirades against politics than in Nytt på Nytt. There were poems and analysis of poems. Culture and counterculture. There were young rappers and older show singers. Half are young politicians and half are old politicians. Transgender people and football people. Who first met online and it was great.

Of course it can’t continue.

For the first time on Twitter I got into DAS because Twitter has become so important. One might get the impression that political protest was something that happened on Twitter. If thirty people said the same thing on Twitter, it would seem infinitely more important than if a thousand people took to the streets with slogans and slogans and said the opposite.

But online, no one knows you’re actually a dog. Or the 30 people who say the same thing are really just one dog. Or android. And when voting cattle arrived on Twitter, initially ordered by parties, then programmed in Russia (or elsewhere), Twitter became much worse.

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But it still wasn’t a deal breaker. You can work against this. Find solutions for. Hell, maybe we could make filters or something. Hope was not lost. Before touching.

Elon got super rich On Twitter they sledgehammered and did their best to destroy what was good in the shortest possible time, and instead build something new. And damn it.

He doesn’t say the latter, of course. But he promised to remove the “bots”, and now there are robots everywhere. He removed rules against hate speech. He let in a lot of right-wing extremists. He fired almost all the employees. He rebuked the free press. The spread of right-wing conspiracy theories. And he continues to do so.

As a little extra symbol, he changed the name to X.

While Twitter was a completely new and delicious audience, which sometimes worked, X became a tool used by Musk’s new radical superpower to change the world in his image. That seems to be the point now. We tweeters are now just pieces in Elon’s horrific dream factory.

But if now The whole point of X’s existence is to promote racism, homophobia, transphobia and disdain for all that is good, so is there any point in being there to say good things? Or is it a bit like marching through a Nazi march carrying a Gogi’s cross? In effect, sort of?

I don’t know.

While I was thinking, I moved to a version called Plaskia. Actually Bluesky, but I prefer the bad translation. There are much fewer people there. But that means there are also a lot fewer idiots. It’s something. It’s like the atmosphere of the first summer camp where everyone is trying to get to know each other and no one is taking things too seriously and just having fun.

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Then we’ll see if history repeats itself. If Bluesky is soon filled with celebrities, politicians, football pundits, robots and activists, it will eventually go to hell.

Until then, I think I can keep this X account. With a cross jug.

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