– We chose to advertise against Denmark – E24

– We chose to advertise against Denmark – E24

The broker had to travel abroad to find a buyer for the 245 square meter cabin in Kvitfjell.

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“We chose to advertise in Denmark, which resulted in us getting a number of interested parties, including one who ended up being our buyer,” says Halvard Breivik Klingen at Privatmegleren Nyeboliger Oslo.

The cabin in Kvitfjell, which was purchased for NOK 27 million in 2020, was sold for NOK 33.5 million. The asking price was 35 million Norwegian kroner.

– We announced it in Norway as well, but we wanted to try to reach a new type of customer and it worked, says Klingen.

The cabin, described as a “fantastic cabin of a rare type”, was put up for sale in November last year.

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This is a dentist's oasis in the mountains: – I was a bit skeptical

The Finnish ad says:

He sees a clear trend

This is not the first time the broker has looked abroad to find potential buyers for cabins in Norway.

– There are many reasons why people in other countries are interested. One of them is the krone exchange rate. The other reason is poor snow conditions in the Alps. Buying a vacation home in Norway, rather than in your home country, is more tax-advantageous, says Klingen.

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He sees a clear increase in interest.

– We see a clear trend and have noticed a significant increase in interest from primarily Denmark and the Netherlands over the past year.

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Owners of this cabin can receive tax breaks

It sold 5,664 cabins last year

In 2023, total booth prices decreased by 1.2 percent compared to the previous year, while 9.6 percent fewer booths were sold.

In 2023, 5,664 cabins were sold in Norway – a 5.2 percent decrease from 2022.

This shows numbers provided by Eiendom Norge in mid-February.

– Henning Lauridsen, CEO of Eiendom Norge, said in this regard that expectations that the housing market would take a big hit due to rising interest rates, rising electricity prices and general uncertainty did not come true.

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