– We fear negative consequences – VG

- We fear negative consequences - VG
England: Activist points out opposition to sewage pollution, 23 April.

By allowing untreated sewage to be dumped into the sea, Britain is threatening marine life along the French coast.


This is according to three French members of Parliament in the European Union BBC.

Pollution warnings have been issued for nearly 50 beaches in Great Britain and Wales. This is after heavy rain Thursday night caused sewage to overflow and flow into rivers and the sea.

French MPs accuse Britain of neglecting the country’s environmental obligations, while British water companies say they are working to solve the problem, the BBC writes.

On August 18, the activist group SOS Whitstable shared photos from the coastal town of Whitstable:

Requires actions from the European Union

The French are now calling on the EU to take action against the UK, after large amounts of polluted sewage reached the English Channel and the North Sea.

in message To the European Commissioner for the Environment, Lithuanian politician Virginius Sinkevichos, the following three MPs wrote this week:

We fear negative consequences for the quality of the marine waters we share with Great Britain. Moreover, we also fear marine biodiversity, but also the activity of fishermen and oyster farmers.

They also emphasized that the UK has obligations under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the two parties.

Despite this, Great Britain chose to lower the water quality. This is unacceptable and raises questions about the imprisonment of EU countries for the past 20 years. Britain is committed to preserving the seas around her, which we share with her, says the message from the French.

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– We encourage the Commission to use all available political and legal means to stop the situation.

A UK government spokesman said the allegations were untrue, the BBC wrote.

Action required: EU member Nathalie Loiseau, along with Pierre Karliskind and Stephanie Yoon Curtin, have spoken out against Britain’s emissions.

Up to 200 times a year

Watchman He writes that Great Britain has a sewage system where sewage from bathrooms and kitchens ends up in the same pipes as rainwater, before it goes to treatment plants.

To prevent flooding in homes and public buildings, the system is designed to flush polluted sewage and release it into rivers and lakes during heavy rains.

Moreover, the BBC wrote that heat waves in the country Increased risk of flooding, because dry soil does not absorb water sufficiently.

euronews He writes that sewage companies are allowed to dump rainwater in such cases, but now they are also accused of dumping polluted sewage.

At the end of June, the Director of Health England, among others, issued a warning that this type of discharge into the sea is not a unique case, and that it occurs up to 200 times a year.

In 2021 Southern Water, which handles sewage waste in several British counties, was fined £90m for dumping billions of liters of polluted sewage into the sea. The fine is equivalent to about one billion crowns.

Warning: A yellow warning of thunder and rain has been issued for southern and eastern England. The photo shows the dog Hunter at Ingreborne Valley Nature Preserve, Aug. 25.

The French newspaper wrote in January Le Monde About interested swimmers and oyster fishermen in the coastal town of Whitstable, where southern waters allegedly dump sewage into the area.

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Water UK, which represents the British wine industry, is said to have recognized the problem and is investing three billion pounds, about 34 billion Norwegian kroner, to improve flood management.

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