– We have a lot of fun – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

– We have a lot of fun – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Zakaria Aden sits on a bench in Karajero enjoying ice cream with his two sons, Majed and Ahmed.

– it is delicious. I am from a warm country, says Zacharias Adan, so now we have a lot of fun.

– It’s nice to eat ice cream and be able to hang out with friends or go to the beach and go swimming, says Majid.

– Did you take a shower this year?

– Yes, last week. Majid says: I take a bath five times.

If it’s 20 degrees this weekend, he promises to go swimming again. There are good chances for that.

Summer is coming this weekend

Ingvild Villa, meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute

Photo: Meteorological Institute

On Friday morning, clouds of fog will be over eastern Norway, but during the day both the sun and heat will return.

The weather will be warmer at the weekend.

Several places in eastern Norway will see the 20s on the scale.

It’s probably over 20 degrees in most places. He says it looks like summer is coming this weekend meteorologists in service, Engwild villa.

– We’ve been waiting for this

In Kragerø, more people are going out to enjoy the sun.

– We’ve been waiting for this heat. It’s nice to be able to go outside, have some ice cream and enjoy the summer heat, says Stian Christiansen.

Stian Christiansen and his family eat ice cream at Kragero

Stian Christiansen and his family enjoying ice cream in the sun

Photo: Håkon Lie/NRK

Hannah Lundgren at Tasty Ice Cream Bar on Crowded Friday.

People come in droves and buy ice cream. She says there are a lot of ice cream and soft ice cream.

Among the clients we find Mathilde and Albert Keus. They each bought their own soft ice cream with strawberry sprinkling, but not the one they think works best with heat.

– Albert says the best thing about the heat is that we can swim.

– It’s hot fun. It’s nice to be able to wear something other than trousers, says Mathilde.

Mathilde and Albert Cjos in Krajero

Mathilde and Albert Cujos enjoy soft ice cream with sprinkles.

Photo: Håkon Lie/NRK

A taste of summer

In the Oslo region, it can get as high as 25 degrees at the weekend, but other parts of the country also get higher summer temperatures.

It’s actually as if everyone is getting a little taste of summer in northern Norway, says Villa.

For although it is damp and gray on Friday, and the same weather is reported for Saturday, it will also be better on Sunday.

On Sunday, they will also get a taste of summer. It’s likely to be over 20 degrees indoors, says the meteorologist.

Parts of Troms and Nordland will have somewhat gray and wet weather this weekend.

Boating in Kragerø

Boating Life: In Kragerø, many have started the boating season.

Photo: Håkon Lie/NRK

More weather winners

As for western Norway and Trøndelag, they will also have a relatively nice weekend, but there is also a slight risk of some fog along the coast.

Where do we get the best weather?

– There will be more weather winners, but if you do Given the highest temperature and most hours of sunshine, what most people associate with the best weather would be Østafjell’s, says Villa.

Also warm next weekend

The good weather will continue into next weekend, according to the long-term forecast, and will be punctuated by slightly cooler weather at the start of the week.

Early Monday, a cold front will emerge, which could give some unsettled air and the possibility of some heavy rain and slightly cooler air, the meteorologist says.

But then it turns around again.

– Looks like it’s going to get warmer again next week. It’s a bit uncertain, but it looks like the temperatures will be relatively high.

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