Norway lost to the Czech Republic at the Ice Hockey World Cup

Norway lost to the Czech Republic at the Ice Hockey World Cup

(Norway – Czech Republic 0-2) Norway looked very good in the first half against the Czech Republic, but when Max Krogdahl was sent off and two players ended up failing Norway, they fell behind.


Norway opened the match brilliantly against the Czech Republic and managed to keep plenty of pucks and create chances, but then Johannes Johansen was sent off for the first time at the two-minute mark.

Soon after, Max Krogdahl put his arm in a Czech’s face, and it took another two minutes, and Norway had to play 3v5.

– He is very clumsy and puts us in a very difficult situation. Viaplay ice hockey expert Alexander Bonsaksen said it was an extremely stupid and unnecessary ejection.

– This is bad. It’s a small mistake on my part. That shouldn’t happen. Krugdahl himself said the first target was my fault.

Because shortly after he was sent off, Dominik Kubalek scored 1-0 for the Czech Republic.

Norway didn’t applaud, but just before the first period ended, Jacob Flick doubled the lead.

After beating Slovenia, Norway got some breathing space in terms of moving down from the A-WC.

In the second half, Norway was leading for 11 minutes, but they were unable to capitalize.

– It’s too bad. It didn’t work for us Power playPower playWhen you have a numerical superiority on the field after the opponent has been sent off. . This is what separates us from the best, Andreas Martinsen told Viaplay after the second half.

The third half was also scoreless and thus Norway lost 0-2.

– We played our strength is not working. I don’t want to blame anyone. I try to turn every stone to make it work. Tobias Johansson, national team manager, said the win cost us today.

Norway has four points after five matches. Only Slovenia is lowest in the table, with zero points. Norway’s next match will be against Canada on Monday.


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