Sources for VG: The Sports Council challenges the Broadcasting Committee

Sources for VG: The Sports Council challenges the Broadcasting Committee

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This point has been made clear: The Board of Directors of the Norwegian Sports Association sets a limit on children and young people being able as a general rule to attend Norwegian sports facilities.


The NIF Board therefore goes against the recommendations of the majority in the so-called “Flow Committee”. The committee submitted a report on Norwegian sports broadcasting last week.

It happened after a year of public controversy surrounding the MyGame streaming player in particular.

The matter has now been taken up across the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Sports Federation. There was, according to VG, broad agreement:

The NIF Board of Directors wishes no To open up streaming to under-18s on a massive scale. On the other hand, there are exceptions if there is a “high level” mathematical problem, or if specific considerations are taken in individual cases.

In VG’s experience, it is up to individual private associations – such as the Football Association and the Handball Federation – to define what constitutes a “high standard”.

During the discussion in the Board of Directors of the Sports Federation, emphasis should be placed on privacy rules, Best Kids ratings and the importance of following the recommendations of the Danish Data Protection Authority.

The board is also relying on a set of recommendations from the Broadcasting Committee if it is to be broadcast in Norwegian sport for the first time. The recommendations can be read here:

The management of the Norwegian Sports Federation called for a press conference on this matter at 2.15 pm today, Monday.

Leaders of Norwegian private associations have already been informed of the latest developments in the case.

Leader of the Islamic Front: Zainab Al-Samarrai is the sports president and chairs the Board of Directors of the Islamic Front.

The majority on the streaming committee wanted to open up streaming to young people up to 15 years old, with an absolute minimum age of 13, on a broad level.

Several private Norwegian associations are said to have wanted it. They now face opposition on their board – at the top of Norwegian sport.

If the broadcast committee majority had its way, it would have gone back a long way before the controversial MyGame camera filming was suspended in early 2023.

VG then reported several unfortunate episodes regarding MyGame filming in Norwegian gyms. The camera manufacturer has also been linked to human rights abuses in China.

This issue is being updated.


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