Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Carragher is tired of United’s excuses:

Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer |  Carragher is tired of United's excuses:

The former Liverpool player believes that people like Roy Keane and Gary Neville are deeply mistaken in their statements.

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was subjected to bad weather during the national team break and the Norwegian received criticism from several teams.

Although United are fourth in the table after seven games, just two points behind leaders Chelsea, many have been skeptical about United’s chances this season.

Only two wins in the last six games have been in many ways fueling the fire for journalists and pundits who are not so generous with Solskjaer’s managerial qualities.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has also thrown himself into the controversy over the United boss. He thinks the club should tolerate being talked about as a gold candidate.

Carragher: – They are his friends

So he was annoyed that fellow experts such as Gary Neville and Roy Keane are among the few who have taken Solskjaer and United in defence recently.

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The two only come up with excuses to support Solskjaer because they play with him and befriend him, says Carragher. daily Mail.

was on the podcast »Tony Bello is angryThis Carragher was asked what bothered him during the day and that was when he picked up Neville and Kane.

They say that United are not ready to win the league, that the team still lacks you and her team, that the owners are not spending enough money on players, that the club should get Harry Kane.

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“Then I think: I just picked a player who won the Champions League five times and a winger who cost £75m,” says Carragher.

– I’m sick of it

The former Liverpool stopper goes on to say he has allowed himself to be provoked so much by the suggestions of fellow experts that he had to write a column on the subject.

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United finished second last season. They have not lost a single away game all season. Carragher believes this is only a natural next step.

Honestly, this excites me. So I decided to write about it in the newspaper. Solskjaer certainly wasn’t happy with what I wrote, but like I said, it’s time to stop apologizing, I’m tired of it, he says.

Manchester United were eliminated from the League Cup against West Ham and had a somewhat unstable start to the Champions League this season with losses among other things away from home to Young Boys.

massive criticism

Many indicated that they were unimpressed by Solskjær’s tactical capabilities.

– Where is the identity in this team? What’s the plan? That’s exactly what Solskjaer, Danny Blind, father of former United player Daley Blind, is missing.

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– There is no tactical plan. His team is unable to push opponents like Manchester City. They have the qualities and often keep score, but it is never the team that arranges the win. It’s been like that in many games now, Blind said.

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ESPN journalist Mark Ogden says much of the same thing as the Dutchman. Last week, he told Nettavisen he believes Solskjær has major weaknesses as a managers.

There is clearly no set style or philosophy behind what Olly does. Tactically, he is so far behind people like Klopp, Guardiola and Tuchel, the expert said.

Defender Solskjaer

However, Dag Langerød, the Norwegian fan club editor for Manchester United, told Nettavisen last week that the criticism is a little out of hand..

It was a little disappointing and shabby at first this fall, but all that Solskjær and his team have accomplished so far is good enough. Had he won a gold medal in the league, won the final or won everything at the start of the season, there would probably have been a different belief in him. But as now, they love writing how bad he is, and he has to live with that.

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Langerud highlighted two key points in his defense of Solskjaer. The first is that the 48-year-old has settled the club in the first division of the table after several lean years with other coaches, and the second is that he has prepared the player’s squad in a big way.

These are facts and they cannot be taken from them. It’s not a crisis for me to be in fourth now, Langerud said, two points behind Chelsea who are leading, despite having some achievements and sub-par results early in the season.

After the national team period, a difficult series of matches awaits United. The club will then face Leicester (A) Atalanta (H), Liverpool (H), Tottenham (A), Atalanta (A), and Manchester City (H) in what could be six tough encounters.

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