Visual Studio 2022 release date ready

Visual Studio 2022 release date ready

Visual Studio 2022, the next version of Microsoft’s most comprehensive and integrated development environment (IDE), is in the final stages of beta testing. It is now clear that the tool will be launched on November 8 this year. Microsoft plans a larger virtual program lunch occasion today.

The biggest visual Studio 2022 news is that this is the first 64-bit release. This means that the main process, devenv.exe, can now use much more memory than it does today, with a theoretical limit of 4 gigabytes. Accessing more memory can mean, among other things, that loading and switching between large and complex projects are done faster.

Productivity improvements

He also promised improvements that could contribute to faster code search and navigation, as well as debugging and profiling that could make problem-solving faster and easier.

There are also promises of more comprehensive code proposals in that the Intellicode functionality will be able to predict the developer’s next move to a greater extent than before.

Also new is the ability to sync layouts across multiple devices, as well as full support for .NET 6 and C++20.

An overview of more news in Visual Studio 2022 can be found at This page.

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