Armed Forces News | The military plane is on its last flight

Armed Forces News |  The military plane is on its last flight

British Airways has received many letters from readers wondering what a rather noisy and somewhat private plane was doing in the skies above Bergen on Friday afternoon.

Caroline Torsvik filmed this clip from Wergeland, telling BA:

– I flew much less and much closer than airplanes usually do.

The case continues below the video:

The aircraft is the Norwegian Armed Forces’ P3-Orion reconnaissance aircraft, and this weekend it is on its final tour of Norway.

After 54 years of operation, it will probably make its last trip across southern Norway this weekend. The flyover marks the end of a 54-year-old chapter, before the P-8 Poseidon took over the aircraft’s duties, writes forsarite.

The plane was scheduled to take off in Stjørdal at 1530hrs, and was expected to land at Sola Airport in Stavanger at 1800hrs.

This is the weekend programme:

  • On June 2, the flight will pass along the coast west of Værnes before landing in Sola.
  • On June 3, the P-3 Orion will take part in Flydagen at Sola. The plane will be shown here.
  • On June 4, the P-3 Orion will fly from Sola and south to Kristiansand, northeast along the coast of Sørland and into eastern Norway, then follow Gudbrandsdalen north, before turning back north.

Four in Norway

The aircraft was introduced to the USA in 1962, and is used by, among others, the defense forces of the United States, Germany, Australia, Spain and Norway, according to Wikipedia.

The same site writes that the Norwegian Air Force has four aircraft of the same type.

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In 2015 he wrote tu That large sums were invested to prepare the aircraft for many hours on the wings. But it’s over now.

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