Fraud, power | Fraud Warnings:

Fraud, power |  Fraud Warnings:

The Nordic electric power giant comes with a call to its customers. In recent days, many Power customers have received messages trying to defraud people’s payment information.

“Did you get a message with an offer on iPhone 13? Then do a good job deleting it. In recent days, POWER has received a steady stream of customers who want a cheap iPhone. The sender of the message pretends to be POWER, and is tempted to offer an iPhone 13 for 3,500 kroner,” Power wrote in press release.

This is a classic SMS scam in which the sender pretends to be famous Norwegian merchants and deceives individuals for extortionate sums of money, explains Monica Erin Fasting, Director of Public Relations and Communications at Nordic at Power.

Fasting tells that many customers lost large amounts of money after providing payment information.

“Unfortunately, we have also heard about customers who have lost large amounts of money because of this and therefore we will now ask our customers not to click on these links, preferring to delete SMS,” says the communications manager.

It says the POWER brand has been misused for such scams in the past, and thus is telling customers what to pay extra attention to in Facebook contests, emails and SMS messages on their websites.

SMS fraud is something we have experienced before unfortunately, and it is as frustrating for our customers as it is for us. A good tip is to check the links carefully and be decisive. If they look suspicious, the language is poor and the presentation is too good to be true, they usually are – even though we’re known for our low prices. And if in doubt, contact customer service or one of our stores to check if the offer is real, as you encourage.

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