Now Sonic is coming to Tesla

Now Sonic is coming to Tesla

…and Elon Musk created a Sonic meme on Twitter.

Tesla has already shown and introduced many different games for the infotainment system in its cars, and now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has informed Twitter That another game title is running.

And this time, there’s no one inferior (pun intended) than Sonic the Hedgehog running around in Tesla cars. Musk even created his own “meme,” which he posted with the announcement on Twitter:

The image is based on a familiar meme by Democratic senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and is typically used when a character repeatedly requests an item or favor.

On top of Sanders’ head, Musk has tweaked some of the most prominent characteristics of Sonic’s main enemy, Dr. Robotnik – including a massive orange mustache, large sunglasses, and a massive head.

The now-coming game for Tesla cars isn’t just Sonic either; It is about the original game “Sonic the Hedgehog” from 1991 which was once released for the Sega Genesis console.

The game will be available on all Tesla models, but Musk hasn’t given us a timeline yet for when or how the game will be released.

By the way, the original game is the classic “side-down”, where you can swipe quickly from side to side in a split 2D world. It’s also from the time before you could boost Sonic extra, which was implemented in games after the original release. Maybe more Sonic games will come to Tesla eventually?

Sega, the developer of the game, understands that the game is only intended for car occupants if the car is in motion. In the past, it made quite a bit of a stir because some of the games in the Tesla Arcade (the game center of the car’s digital system) played while the car was in motion, but that’s also largely the responsibility of the driver himself. After all, the limits for the use of both mobile games and information and entertainment games are very high, and both are equally illegal. At least until cars are more self-driving than they are today.

Should we believe Mercedes, perhaps not so long ago?

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