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– We scratch the surface – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

They entered Gaza through the southern border on Wednesday, April 3.

But the trip north of the country on Friday was halted due to the security situation, and the convoy returned to Rafah on the same day.

Saturday's trip was successful, and the team is at Al Awda Hospital.

This was confirmed by the Palestine Area Director of the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC), Kristel Haraldstad, to NRK on Saturday afternoon.

People killed since October 7, 2023

sources: Palestinian Health Authorities/UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs/Israeli Authorities

The numbers issued by the Palestinian health authorities do not distinguish between civilians and combatants, and may be delayed from time to time. The death toll in Palestine is the same as in Gaza. Figures from the Israeli authorities show that 1,163 civilians and soldiers were killed as a result of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. According to the numbers published by the Israeli authorities on April 3, 256 Israeli soldiers have been killed since October 27, 2023. The numbers are confirmed by Independent sources.

Aside from a slight delay at the checkpoint, the trip went without any challenges, she says.

The team consists of two orthopedists, an anesthesiologist, and an operating room nurse, and will assist in the efforts in Gaza over the next two weeks.

The trip was coordinated by NORWAC through the World Health Organization in consultation with the Egyptian and Israeli authorities.

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Noda is by far the largest in the north

NORWAC's day-to-day director, Eric Voss, is in constant contact with their medical team on the ground. He himself was in Gaza only two months ago.

– The situation is that society has completely collapsed. Hospitals are refugee camps, not hospitals. This makes driving them very difficult.

-We are scratching the surface, but at the same time we are working around the clock. So those we can help, we help, but it's not enough.

Vos says NORWAC has been contacted by several Norwegian health workers who want to help work in Gaza.

Photo: Sean Sorens

It is estimated that 300,000 people still live in northern Gaza, where the need for assistance is greatest as a result of the Israeli war on Gaza.

People should get 245 calories a day, according to Oxfam. This is a little smaller than a can of beans. Those who cannot get food say they are forced to eat animal feed to survive.

In addition to nutritional challenges, there are many with chronic diseases as well as those injured in the attacks, Voss says.

– This health situation is absolutely horrific and we do not know how to deal with it.

– It won't be helpful if more trucks come here and there. The only thing that can save the children in Gaza now is an immediate ceasefire.

Six months into the war, most hospitals in Gaza have stopped working. actually Posted a map On those that are still partially operational.

There will be Norwegian doctors until 2024

NORWAC is working to send more medical teams to Gaza, and wants people there to stay in the swimming pools until at least the new year.

Vos says they have received a lot of response from Norwegian health workers since they started this work.

-We have experienced specialists in all the topics we need now for a long time to come and we are constantly contacted by people who want to contribute. I think this is very moving and wonderful.

    The Norwegian group also includes orthopedic surgeon Geir Stray Andersen, orthopedic surgeon Thor Erling Foss Ingemeyer, operating room nurse Hilde Volan, operating room nurse Kirsti Fifeland, and anesthesiologist Mohamed Abu Arab.

The medical team that Voss was part of worked in Gaza in January.

Image: NTP

He says it's also an extensive process of selecting staff equipped to carry out the work on the ground.

– There will be noise everywhere, you will have background noise all day and night due to explosions, houses shaking, and patients coming into hospitals with serious injuries that need to be dealt with. So this also requires a lot of mental effort.

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