Weather, mountain passes | Meteorologist: It doesn’t look like winter is coming yet

Weather, mountain passes |  Meteorologist: It doesn't look like winter is coming yet

In some mountain passes, the route has begun to change drastically into winter, but duty officer Trond Lien at the Meteorological Institute denies that winter has been fully in Troms properly yet.

It doesn’t look like winter is coming yet. It’s a plus today, Lien tells Nordlys, and it will continue tomorrow.

If there must be snow, it is at the foot of the mountain and in some mountain passes.

It’s normal for it to snow early.

At the time of writing, the snow is less than 300 meters at the bottom.

– But in Tromsø, for example, it does not seem that there will be any snow. Maybe sleet, but not snow.

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a few degrees plus

Lian says temperatures will be around zero degrees on the mountain, which will be the lowest. The highest temperatures will be along the coast, with slightly lower temperatures inland and inland.

– But the scores probably wouldn’t be much higher than five plus degrees. It will be cooler again into the night, he adds, but in return there will be a little rain from Wednesday night:

– The weather will be at home on Thursday, with some frost inside in the evening, and there will also be a little higher snow.

So far, only Kvænangsfjellet is where rangers can report snow.

Switch to winter tires

Veitrafikksentralen’s duty officer, Synnøve Lukkassen, stated that it is now a good idea to change to winter tires and drive according to conditions.

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– Especially if you will be driving at higher altitudes, such as Kvænangsfjellet.

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Here they woke up to winter today: – We already have winter tires

There will be difficult driving conditions locally on mountain passes due to sleet and snow showers. The status of transformations such as Heia, Gratangsfjellet and Breivikeidet is currently unknown.

– But often these places are also prone to the onset of winter, but this is very diverse. We recommend that you follow the weather and road reports to be prepared for the route they will be driving.

It’s important to be aware, she adds, especially if you’ll be driving through mountain passes, late at night, or at night.

– Then you have to be more careful with the grading scale and the situation can be more difficult, says Lukkassen.

You may want to account for some additional transportation and driving time.

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