weather, sun | Find the fan: – It might be a tropical night

weather, sun |  Find the fan: – It might be a tropical night

People in southern Norway have already been enjoying quite a bit of the lovely summer heat in recent days. It’s probably a bad secret that the good weather doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. But how much sun and how much temperature? Yes, the meteorologist on duty at the Met Institute, Ann Solvig Andersen, can answer that question.

First, a little cold shower

– There is high pressure here in the south. In southern Norway, the weather will be mostly dry, with little wind, but some rain in places, Andersen tells Nettavisen and continues:

– A greater possibility of rain in the coming days, especially afternoon showers and thunder in the coming days, says the meteorologist.

She explains that it’s a little difficult to predict where these occasional showers will feel. But the meteorologist adds that showers won’t change the fact that it’s very dry, so the forest fire danger in southern Norway isn’t going anywhere.

“Showers are a bit difficult to place, but they tend to occur in the interior inland and in central southern Norway, as well as inland in western Norway,” says Andersen.

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Although there might be some small rain in some places, fear not (read the full story, the forecast is good):

Good weather nearby – also in the north

One must guard one’s words when the weather forecast is distributed. It’s easy to be keen on cutting all under one roof. Not everyone has had their share of the pie when it comes to the summer heat – as is the case in Northern Norway.

– In northern Norway, low pressure comes from Svalbard with onshore winds. It says a storm warning has been sent out for Finnmark.

But temperatures are on the way to recovering, and a meteorologist can reassure northerners.

Over the course of the week, the high pressure will gradually move north, but it will take some time before the heat really sets in, so the weather will gradually improve there as well.

– Tromsø is about 10 degrees now, but it could be 15, it could even be 20, at the weekend.

Temperatures towards the weekend

Although many have had good sunshine during the day and evening recently, and the forecast for the rest of the week looks very bright in southern Norway, the temperature at night was livable. There might be a change to that, now that scores are up even more.

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– Drammen was warmer Monday 27 degrees yesterday. Maybe it will be a little warmer in the coming days. Thursday and Friday it could be 30 degrees, says the meteorologist.

Let’s take a quick look at the temperature forecast for Norway’s largest cities:

Bergen: – Around 25°C on Thursday and Friday, says the meteorologist.

Oslo: – The temperatures will reach 30 and 31 degrees on Thursday and Friday, says the meteorologist.

Trondheim: – About 20 degrees now, but it will be much warmer in the coming days. Up to 25-26 ° C, says the meteorologist.

Shower temperatures are also starting to get respectable, as you can see below:

The first tropical night of the year?

But then there was this tropical night. Will the temperature on the thermometer stay above 20 degrees overnight somewhere? Yes, this is possible.

– There has not been a tropical night yet, but there may be a chance of a tropical night in eastern Norway, there is a certain possibility there.

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