We’ve never been this close

We’ve never been this close

In early May, Volvo secretly announced the EX30, a small SUV.

Unique speaker and 12.3 inch screen

The car will be revealed in full on Wednesday, June 7 (it will be available to order and pre-order in select regions that same day), but the PR department isn’t on the lazy side and blows out the car with a couple new photos a week before the press conference. The car is inspired in design by the larger EX90 SUV, but is instead a four-door hatchback.

Our new small SUV features an elegant interior that embraces sustainable thinking, while carefully selected materials enhance the premium interior design. With recycled and renewable materials like denim, linen and wool, plus a range of expressive colors and textures, our interiors are responsibly designed.


Volvo reveals that the soundbar is integrated across the full width of the dashboard, and that this is the first car with such a solution. “When you choose to combine it with the Harman Kardon high-end audio system, you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts with exceptional sound quality,” the manufacturer writes about the additional equipment.

Do everything to optimize the space

The loudspeaker is a central part of the design to provide more space in the doors:

By assembling the speakers into a single component and reducing the amount of wires and materials, the amplifier is a great example of smart design. At first, you might not notice it, as it sits below the windshield and is seamlessly integrated into the cockpit design. But without the need for in-door speakers, we can give you a lot more storage space. In the same way, we’ve moved the window switches to the center console, which is easier to reach for both driver and passenger.


For those who have to sit in the back, there’s room for cell phones and other items in dedicated “pockets” tucked into the front seats, while “a clever little storage box can be pulled out from the center console.” The infotainment system has Google built in with the Assistant, Maps and “your favorite apps from Google Play”. The EX30 is also the first Volvo with Apple CarPlay.

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“Our infotainment system also comes with 5G where available. Powered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s Snapdragon Cockpit platform, this premium in-car experience will be as ultra-responsive as expected.”

“A number of clever storage ideas combine to provide a great car experience at a fraction of the cost.” Note that the glove box has been moved and “located under the center divider. This means that both driver and passenger now have easy access to it, as it uses the extra area of ​​the flat floor,” Volvo explains.

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