When Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover Seniors.

When Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover Seniors.

Thousands of old and old people are ready to travel south towards the summer, when the sun and warmth are guaranteed.

Many of them are not aware of the rules that apply and what they should pay attention to before and during the trip.

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After reaching a certain age, it’s extremely important to check if travel insurance is valid – and to learn about the specific conditions that apply.

You must know this

– It’s important to be aware that some travel insurance policies may have limited coverage after age 70, such as in the event of death and disability, Gjensidige’s director of communications Arne Voll tells DinSide.

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This is especially true of credit card insurance, so read your terms carefully or contact your insurance company if you are not sure what applies to your travel insurance.

As you get older, the risks of something happening to your health while traveling also increase. Therefore, travel insurance is one of the most important things to have in order before leaving/starting a trip. If one has already left, it is too late.

Travel insurance applies to everyone, regardless of age. Most of the inquiries we receive are matters related to the disease. Additionally, there are some baggage damages and cancellations due to illness.

– At the same time, we often feel that clients receive expected and potential treatment expenses. This is not covered by travel insurance and can be very costly for the person involved.

You get the bill

– In some cases, we see that the elderly and the disabled were in contact with the general practitioner who then recommended that they travel abroad, because the patient may benefit from a trip, even if the health condition indicates that he may need treatment during the period they spend abroad, as Foll says, and continues:

People fear the heat

People fear the heat

– It is worrisome, mainly for the customer who may risk being left with very high bills. In some cases, this can amount to several tens of thousands of kronor, which the customer must cover himself. If someone needs help getting back to Norway by plane due to serious illnesses or health problems, the bill can quickly run into several hundred thousand kroner.


You should also be aware of the special considerations when it comes to canceling a trip.

– If you are in good health when booking the flight, cancellation will be covered if you are unable to travel because the person became acutely ill before departure. Foll clarifies that booking a flight while you are sick or injured does not cover cancellation if that is the reason for the cancellation of the flight.

If you suffer from a chronic illness or have a known ailment that may require treatment on the trip, be aware that these are costs that you will have to cover yourself.

Shock account

– We had clients, including elderly people, who fell acutely ill while traveling abroad and were presented with very high bills.

More than 2000 for one day

More than 2000 for one day

An elderly client was visiting her family in the US when she developed heart problems. I was in the hospital for 10 days and the bill was over half a million kroner. The client had never encountered such problems before and was operated on and subsequently recovered. The customer has everything covered by insurance.

In the end:

– Many seniors, like many others, may have canceled their travel insurance in the age of Corona. Therefore, it is very important that they also check that they have this in order, Arne Foll concludes.

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