Where did they get the numbers?

Where did they get the numbers?

Not long after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a video in which he “reviewed” the Vision Pro and compared it to his own product, the Quest 3, articles appeared in several publications talking about the same thing: an unusual number of the latest Apple products being returned And the first new product since the Watch in 2015.

Clear positive and negative statements

We don't know where these numbers came from, because Apple obviously doesn't announce such numbers to the public. Everything seemed suspicious. The original report does not come from us, but from us He is We are painfully aware of the problems with headphones: expensive, heavy, and short battery life. On the plus side, we find impressive screen quality, good performance, and gesture and eye control that work excellently in most contexts.

But there is no doubt that the product has its fans and haters to a greater extent than other Apple products. On the one hand, we have previous customers who say they returned the headset to Apple within the period possible. The biggest problem is the weight, as there are many who complain about tired eyes, headaches, and lack of areas for use.

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“There is no flood of revenue.”

But how many turned in again? As I said, no one outside of Apple has the numbers, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has heard from his sources that the delivery rate is at average or slightly above average. It's impressive since the Vision Pro is priced well above the company's most expensive phones and is bought by most Mac customers.

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“Apple doesn't comment on the Vision Pro's return rate, but data from store sources suggests it's likely somewhere between average and above average compared to other products — depending on location. Some smaller stores are seeing returns One or two a day, but larger sites have seen up to more than eight returns in one day,” reveals Gorman, who reveals he is not one of those returning the product and says he wrote the newsletter with the headset on.

AppleInsider reported the same thing: “Using sources at Apple's retail chain in 24 locations, mostly US East Coast stores, I've been monitoring return volumes as best I can over the past week. So far, there doesn't appear to be a lot of returns, and certainly not a flood.” “Disastrously.” An Apple Store source reveals that the majority of those who returned the product did so within two days because they suffered from nausea.

As previously mentioned, Apple's Vision Pro team believes it will take four years before the Vision product line is mature enough to become publicly owned. Gorman doesn't expect a new version for another 18 months, at least in the Vision Pro series.

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