Will glasses in the car be the future?

Will glasses in the car be the future?

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(Elbil24): Among the many functions that we appreciate in new electric cars is the so-called HUD, or Header display which the abbreviation stands for.

You’ll then get relevant information displayed on the windshield, such as speed, speed limits, blind spot warning, where you’re headed when driving with the navigation system, and the like. Information is easily accessible without having to take your eyes off the road.

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Report now CarBuzz taken by Toyota Patented On a glasses device that can provide you with information like this over a pair of glasses, to be viewed in a secure way.

With the help of external sensors, Toyota will give its glasses the ability to dim ambient light if it is too bright.  Photo: Diagram from Toyota's patent application

With the help of external sensors, Toyota will give its glasses the ability to dim ambient light if it is too bright. Photo: Diagram from Toyota’s patent application
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Sets the light input

Augmented reality glasses are by no means new, and among other things Apple showed off its Vision Pro glasses at its WWDC developer conference earlier this summer. Facebook owner Meta also owns the Quest Pro headset, which displays computer-generated graphics on top of photo reality.

One of the special features of the Toyota glasses patent is, among other things, details of how the glasses adapt to the light in the surroundings. Toyota believes that traditional head-up display solutions have weaknesses, especially in bright sunlight, as it becomes difficult to see the content on the screen.

Thus, glasses will remedy this by regulating the amount of light they let in through the lens, like a type of electronically adjustable sunglasses that dims light if it gets too bright. It can also be performed on areas, for example in situations where you have the evening sun directly on your face.

“Hey Siri – open the back!”

Many possibilities

Equipped with a speaker, microphone, camera and communication with the vehicle, the possibilities should be plenty with these glasses.

For example, the glasses have a camera that tracks your eye movements, so the glasses can show you temporary alerts that disappear when you look at them for a certain period of time. An example would be incoming SMS, which is then displayed out of the way, then disappears half a second later when you glance at it.

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Connect to Car can give you a warning about a vehicle in your blind spot through glasses, or about pedestrians and cyclists. Another possibility is that the building you set the navigation to is indicated through the glasses when approaching.

Will glasses in the car be the future?

Depending on whether it is the driver or the passenger who is using the glasses, the content can be adapted accordingly. If it’s the passenger who’s wearing it, there’s nothing stopping that person from watching a movie through the glasses, for example.

Not alone

More people are integrating augmented reality into cars than Toyota. Among other things, BMW has partnered with Meta to develop something similar for its cars.

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