Dennis Rodman is shocked with the tribute

Dennis Rodman is shocked with the tribute

In the 90s, Dennis Rodman (62 years old) was one of the most famous basketball players in the world. Among other things, he played for the Chicago Bulls team with basketball star Michael Jordan (60).

Since the 62-year-old stepped into the spotlight, he has shocked his fans several times.

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Among other things, the star caused a stir when he began dyeing his hair before every match.

Not only has he shown up with colored hair, but he’s also been commented over and over again. In 1996, he was given a six-game ban after punching the referee.

In recent years, he has garnered attention with several visits to North Korea and its controversial leader, Kim Jong Un.

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Now, however, Rodman is rocking a sexy tribute to his girlfriend, the Yalla Yalla artist.

He has a picture of her tattooed on his cheek. This was revealed by tattoo artist Van Johnson (38) on Instagram.

Under the video posted on social media, the tattoo artist wrote: “I didn’t do much today, I got cold in my house, or painted a living legend’s girlfriend’s face on his face, that’s it… What are you doing?”

Shocker: -Stupid idea

Shocker: -Stupid idea

The tattoo, which covers almost the entirety of Rodman’s cheek, shows the face of a woman with long hair.

Reverse TMZ Johnson says the tattoos are “really real.”

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However, Rodman’s tribute didn’t sit well with the tattoo artist’s followers.

“You should try to get him off it,” one writes below the video, while another adds:

“His girlfriend should have been against it.”

A day after the tattoo was posted, Yella Yella reveals more TMZ That face tattoo wasn’t her idea.

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He took a drunk sniff: – Damn it

– I’ve already asked him not to, she says to the site.

On the other hand, the 62-year-old says, “He did it as a thank you to her for loving him for who he was.”

Rodman has been married three times before, including to “Baywatch” star Carmen Electra (51).

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