Russia, Vladimir Putin | He uses unusual procedures to recruit young men to the front

Russia, Vladimir Putin |  He uses unusual procedures to recruit young men to the front

On Tuesday, a Ukrainian army spokesman said that 200,000 new Russian soldiers were on their way to the front. The number itself has not been independently confirmed, but there have been several reports that the Russians are now deploying new soldiers in several places to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive – which is in full swing.

In addition, it is expected that mercenaries from the Wagner Group, who were previously deployed to several places, will have no role on the battlefield – after the group’s revolution earlier this summer.

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So the need for new soldiers is great on the Russian side and now the noose is being tightened to get people to enlist.

You must register for a diploma

In the Russian republic of Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, steps have been taken to get young cadets to enlist in the Russian army.

Universities in the republic now only issue certificates to students who sign that they will also serve in the Russian army. By signing this, you are asked to enlist if you are called, and you may be penalized if you do not show up.

– Either you sign and get a certificate, but in practice this means that you have to join the army. If she refuses to sign, prison is next, a college source tells the newspaper, which is critical of the regime front tongue.

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Those who do not show up lose the ticket

The situation in Ingushetia is not unique. Steps are being taken across Russia to get young people to enlist.

Russia’s state news agency, RIA Novosti, reported that the Russian Interior Ministry on Tuesday ratified a law signed by President Vladimir Putin in April. cable.

The law allows everyone He must report to the military recruitment center within 20 days. If they do not, their driver’s license will be revoked.

He uses brutal means

Tobias Sather of the Norwegian Defense Academy (FHS) researches the war in Ukraine and has previously researched Russian security policy. He says these actions by the Russian authorities are part of a pattern in which staff are increasingly needed on the Russian side.

– The Ukrainian side is gradually becoming stronger in terms of personnel, but also in terms of equipment. The Russian goals of controlling Ukraine and occupying the country were not achieved. Therefore, Russia wants to match and surpass Ukraine’s military capability, Sathir tells Netavizn.

Russian FHS researchers were no strangers to using somewhat brutal methods over time.

– In the past, people made great efforts to force young Russians to serve in the military forces. During the wave of mobilization, there were many instances where those who did not want to serve hid themselves to avoid having to serve against their will.

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It is not enough to create collective discontent

In addition to making life miserable for those who don’t go into service, the Russian authorities have worked hard and continually to create information campaigns and demonize Ukrainians over time, explains Sathyr — who says the work has paid off to some extent.

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The war in Ukraine has fairly broad support among Russians, but there is a small group of active supporters, he says, and he notes that the largest group is probably the passive supporters, and continues:

– It takes a lot before they become active opponents. I don’t think these latest measures to pressure the Russians into going to war against Ukraine will get the waters running, says the FHS researcher.

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He believes that this is necessary for the internal rebellion against the war

Somewhat illustrative of the Russians’ brutal recruiting methods, says Sather, are those in which men are rounded up in public and taken to mobilization offices. From there, men were sent more or less directly into training or service.

What does it take for a cup to overflow?

– It takes a lot. It requires something sudden to happen. For example, Prigozhin’s column against Moscow created some interesting dynamics. But it was the exact opposite of rebellion against war. It was a revolt in support of the war, but against its ineffective leadership. But if the screw continues to gradually turn, I think it will take a lot. He concludes that something drastic must happen.

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