Winter break, vinsdale | Chemistry and lots of fun at the Science Center

Winter break, vinsdale |  Chemistry and lots of fun at the Science Center

In addition to everything else you can explore at the Science Center in Kevinsdale, you can also take part in a chemistry lab where you have to discover the difference between different materials that look exactly the same at first.

Lego and chemistry

Building a bridge out of Lego bricks is very simple. But when it has to be at least 50cm tall and able to hold as much weight as possible, it immediately becomes a bit difficult.

Wenchi Helen, Nene Therese and Mother Maiken Anita Holm-Lervik began their visit to the Science Center by building a Lego bridge that seemed to be holding up a great deal. A whopping 650 g was needed before the bridge collapsed.

Eventually more people joined and it was time for the chemistry lab.

Seven children and their parents sat around the large table while their science teacher explained what was going to happen.

It sounded a bit complicated, but the kids understood, and the chemistry lab was in full swing almost before the scientist had finished speaking.

After smelling, examining under a microscope, and mixing the materials with a little liquid to check the reaction, the results must be written on a piece of paper.

Then the mysterious substance arrived on the table.

It was the same as one of the five substances they had tested previously. But which one?

Honestly, the kids couldn't figure it out either.

“This is great fun,” Wenchi Helen told Agder as she sniffed and mingled.

Very satisfied with attendance

Many of the kids thought it was so much fun that they didn't want to leave the chemistry lab and let the next group in.

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– This has been very popular. Attendance was not good on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday there were over 50 kids inside and today we were over 40 kids. We hope there will be the same number on Friday and Saturday as well, said broker Kgitil Viken.

Outside the hall, there was full activity at most stations before you could enter the chemistry lab.

Viken can say that there is a similar arrangement in place at the other centers at the Science Center in Sørlandet. But since you borrow some equipment from each other, not everything is the same.

– Mostly we are on the road to visit schools and kindergartens. “That's why it wasn't open every day like it is now during the winter holidays,” concluded Viken, who could also say that they were very happy to have so many people attending.

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