Women crush Klæbo & Co. Popular – Kalva fell asleep during the World Cup race – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Women crush Klæbo & Co.  Popular – Kalva fell asleep during the World Cup race – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I understand that. It’s been a very exciting year for women’s cross-country skiing. There were many competing for podium positions in each race. There was also entertainment. Maybe it wasn’t very good on the good side, as there were 8-9-10 Norwegians at the top there every time, says Anne-Kirsti Kalva for NRK – and she adds:

– Tyrell (Odnis Wong) and I fell asleep during the boys’ one-pot training.

Last year’s comet doesn’t remember exactly how far away they were looking, but he thinks it might have been the relay. There, Norway captured an impressive gold medal at the World Championships.

-Anyway, we lay down in the common room there and we both fell asleep. Last year there were only two Norwegians, but this year it looks like at least one Finn will register. Maybe there will be a little more tension.

Keep your eyes peeled for now: Anne Kjersti Kalvå is ready for the start of the season. She missed last weekend’s race in Beitostolen due to a cold, but is ready to take on Rocca.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

This figure is taken from the annual Nielsen report, commissioned by the International Ski Federation (FIS). It shows that women had 519 million viewers in total during the World Cup, while men had 367 million viewers.

This means that women received 41.4 percent more views than men.

– On the women’s side, there may be a few countries vying for the winner. It helps raise interest. It was very exciting last year with Terrell and what happened there. Not least on the sprint side with Maja Dahlqvist, Fähndrich and the gang. So one can understand that, Johannes Hosflot Klaebo tells NRK.

Hoping for more foreign profiles

Skiesset believes it is best to keep an eye on new players such as Edvin Anger, William Poromaa and Iivo Niskanen who have returned to action, as well as a number of Frenchmen. He didn’t seem to understand that the bathroom sequence was a quiet affair.

– This is perhaps the most brutal ski race ever seen on this stretch. I think when you see other types of ski racing, there are a lot more people who can win. “This is what we have to work for,” Claybaugh says.

-What will it take to reconcile those differences then?

– No, people should train then, hehe. It’s that easy, and I think people do it.

Johannes Hosflot Klaebo and Haakon Klaebo in Skikampen.

Ready for the new season: Technical Director Abi Haakon Klaebo and Johannes Hosflot Klaebo prepare for the race in Finland in Skikampen.

Photo: Ragna Christine Sandholt/NRK

In the 2021/22 season, the difference was only 8 percent in the number of viewers for women.

Lotta Odnes Wing points out that women’s cross-country skiing has changed a bit now that Therese Johaug has put an end to it and is no longer shaving everything. She does not think it strange that the difference should be as follows:

-With the ladies, it was exciting. For the men, it was the Norwegian Cup, Udines Wong tells NRK.

Larger view for women

Personally, you think it’s fun to follow, but it can get boring when the dominance gets too great. Among other things, she points to the chute in Lillehammer, where Norway has many national quota athletes. In the distance race, there were seven and nine Norwegians among the top ten.

– We boast many good results and I understand that it may be boring for other countries to look at that, says Evin Northug to NRK.

Opening of the national season in Beitostolen

Ready to start: Even Northug was on the podium three times last season. He took second place in the speed race and third place.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

The results above show that there is greater international exposure on the part of women:

  • 27 of the 30 men’s races had Norwegian winners. France won twice and Italy one. A total of seven different men’s water ski races.
  • On the women’s side, seven countries came out on top with 14 different winners. Sweden received the most votes with twelve. Norway has nine victories.
  • 63 out of 90 places on the podium on the men’s side went to the Norwegians. The women took 28 out of 90, with the Swedes again dominating with 32 each.

note! Next weekend the World Cup begins with a classic race, a 10km classic start and a 20km freestyle combined start. Renna can be followed from Ruka on NRK Sport.

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