Holidays, holiday | Do you have any vacation days to spare? You must do this

Holidays, holiday |  Do you have any vacation days to spare?  You must do this

Do you have vacation days to spare? Then it’s time to think about how you want to use it. Because you have There is no requirement to transfer vacation daysThe general rule is that you should use your vacation days within the calendar year.

– Remember that transfer of leave is an exceptional condition, and it is better to plan so that all the leave is taken during the year, so that you get a good balance between work and leisure, says Department Head Viglic M. Ace in the Norwegian Labor Inspection Service’s response service in one press release.

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– An agreement must be reached

But it is Area for concluding agreements with the employer. You can agree together to carry over up to 12 days of vacation until 2023.

– Since the employer is obliged to ensure that the employee completes his vacation, an agreement must be concluded to transfer up to 12 days to the next year, says As.

– He adds: – Both parties must agree and the agreement must be in writing.

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– Contact your employer

The Holiday Law sets the maximum at 12 holiday days, so you should start planning withdrawals if you have multiple days on the books.

– Try to find rooms for the holidays now before Christmas. Contact your employer and plan as soon as possible, urges Vigleik M. Aas.

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He also points out that workplaces often have internal rules and deadlines for applying for vacation.

– It is normal to deal with these matters, even if they are not legitimate, as Al-Aas says.

The exception is if you are sick or take parental leave. Then all unused days must be transferred to 2024.

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– It may be appropriate to pay a reasonable amount

What happens if you have vacation on December 27th and don’t agree on anything with your boss?

– The employer is ultimately responsible for terminating him. If the holiday is not cancelled, all remaining vacation days must be carried over to next year, Aas tells Netavisen.

In addition, it indicates that the employer may be liable for compensation. If your employer fails to give you leave, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of welfare.

– The whole point is that vacation is good for being able to restore body and soul. If you don’t get the item, it always has a value that can be converted into krona. It may be appropriate to pay a reasonable amount for the loss of luxury.

What this compensation is based on will vary from case to case.

It’s a no-brainer to ask your manager to pay you money instead of taking a vacation.

The holiday must be cancelled. He says that money will not replace the holiday, but rather the loss of luxury.

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