discussion, politics | Who can make the team better?

discussion, politics |  Who can make the team better?

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Some come, some go. Some of them are presented after many years of serving the people. For some it may have become boring. Others cannot bear to stand in debates where the noise is louder, and where the loudest words are left to fall on very thin ground, because freedom of expression does not require reason, understanding or will to enter into anything.

He found someone long ago A back door out of politics, place of study, change of job, relocation, deterioration of health or any other valid reason. Others counted the buttons for a long time, pondered for a long time whether local politics could really be remunerative enough to continue spending their free time on it, and concluded that it was not.

gradually As the evenings lengthen again and the leaves turn golden with fall, the mayors are also preparing for the end. Some after a long life in domestic politics, others after a somewhat shorter effort. Some have been preparing for a long time, others are changing pastures because voters want change.

you rolled the dice, Praise and criticize people who make themselves available. And I looked back and saw how wrong it was. Not because it is wrong to brag or criticize, but because this way of evaluating elected officials in local politics creates some framework that does not accommodate the variety of types of which the group of mayors in Gudprandsdalen should and should be made up.

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One of the most wonderful In a local democracy, and in the long line of people who make themselves available, it is precisely diversity. Of the 13 mayors, some leaving the country and others running for re-election, there are hardly two who fit the mold. A slightly silent and slightly awkward style wins people’s trust, just as a person who is rehearsed, well-organized and directed, and media-adapted.

on several occasions I have been asked if I have a favorite among these leaders among our elected officials. I own. Not only among the incumbents, but also among their predecessors and competitors. In fact, it’s almost just a favourite, however it may seem otherwise.

Almost 40 years old With notes made several highlights. Without offending any of those who came later or in between, reference should be made to such persons as Nils Nygaard in Gosdal and Marie Botrud in Auer. Different in substance and different in policy, but both act primarily on behalf of their fellow citizens. Thus, we will remember most of them, including those who sat among them, and those who came after them.

We must have basic respect For everyone who reports the service. And the critical eye is part of that respect. The same applies to attempts to encourage dissent. What I don’t make sense of is the tendency for some people to have to choose which debates they want to participate in. We see it centrally, we see it locally.

We read and listen About national politicians who don’t want to participate in studio debates with fellow debaters who editors think are relevant. We have mayors who limit their discussion activity to the meeting rooms where they are chairing the meeting themselves or where they are with their close political friends, their own Facebook account and a selection of comment fields. It is arrogant and disrespectful to the electorate to speak of being mayor of all, but at the same time to act only in the chambers of your own control in the exchange of words. And this is not how you grow as a politician.

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The best of the best Some of them sought and seek to oppose, because they know that it makes them better. And the second has to learn from that, if he wants to contribute to raising the quality of the mayor’s team.

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