Hovland leads the championship after Scheffler’s huge mistake: – He feels solid

Hovland leads the championship after Scheffler’s huge mistake: – He feels solid

Victor Hovland entered the season finale in East Lake as one of the all-time favorites after winning last week and just two strokes behind FedEx leader Scotty Scheffler.

Hovland started the tournament at -8 as FedEx Cup runner-up, while Scheffler started at -10.

It was world number one Scheffler who started better, while Hovland struggled at the start and was unable to birdie the first nine.

On the other hand, the last nine fared much better, along with Scheffler getting into trouble, which led to a good first day of the Tour Championship.

Hovland completed the round with 68 strikeouts under par—two strokes under par. He shares the lead with Colin Morikawa and Keegan Bradley at -10 overall.

– It was a beautiful day, without a ghost is always good. I’m so glad I made so few mistakes. She has been very stable the whole time. I had to save myself a few times, but other than that I hit a lot of good shots on the greens, Hovland told Discovery after the round.

– I had many good chances, but they didn’t get into the hole today. I feel like I hit a lot of good shots. He further says that the game looks solid.

Watch the interview in the video below.

Radi Hovland: — very stable all the way around

Very reassuring

Discovery experts also believe the tour has been approved, although there are plenty of holes in the green.

It’s easy to get a little discouraged because you feel like it could have been a little more than that. But you started the round two strokes behind, and now nobody’s left behind, so it’s totally beautiful. He can get a lot out of his round, but he has very little trouble in the round. This is very reassuring, sums up Marius Thorpe, golf expert at Discovery.

Morikawa hit Atlanta with an impressive 61 (-9) innings, while Bradley went 63 (-7).

That would see Hofland come out of the penultimate set with Scheffler again on Friday, with Morikawa and Bradley finishing first in the first round.

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The golf star pays tribute to Hovland: – He totally took off

Couple after couple

Hovland didn’t get results at the start of the tour despite playing well from the tee and with an iron. The paddle was not as hot as it was in the final round of the BMW Championship last week in particular.

Hovland opened with a long streak of hitting, coming close to hitting the birdies on several occasions.

There is nothing particularly rewarding for Victor at first. He hits very nicely, but he should have hit it,” said Discovery commentator Per Haugsrud, referring to the birdie’s foul on hole 4.

– It was perfectly fine to get to the 6th hole and be one under on the 6th hole. And Hoxrod said he’ll be hanging behind Scheffler here now.

Hovland parried himself brilliantly on the tricky eighth hole after hitting an even putt from about three metres.

– It’s a bonus pair. “It looks like a bird,” said Hoxrod, before fellow commentator Henrik Bjornstad continued:

– Important for mood and a little lighter in step. He can accept more that he is on an equal footing after eight after that.

Hovland completed the opening round with par after nine consecutive strikeouts.

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Hovland on the diffused clip: – Very cool

stable golf

However, the first birdie of the day was scheduled to come to the 10th hole.

– He was due and in the middle of it, too. There was no doubt at all, Bjornstad said, after the Norwegian fired the ball from close range. two metres.

Hoveland followed up with two straights into the 11th and 12th holes, while Scheffler made two bogeys.

– He’s playing fantastically strong golf today, Victor. Bjornstad said of Hovland’s style of play that he is incredibly stable, noting that he is not very fluent on the green.

Another birdie on the 14th hole had Hovland double figures under par and suddenly he was just one stroke behind Scheffler, who at one point was five strokes ahead of the Norwegian.


Hovland held off a nice putt just two meters from the hole, but Scheffler, who led by -11, hit the water.

– I think it’s the best of the day, Bjornstad asked after Hofland’s input

Yeah, at least it’s the best we’ve seen. It’s unique, says Hawksrod.

Watch Hofland and Scheffler battle at the top of the box.

Scheffler ended up with a three-putt after he ended up in the water and smoked a triple bogey. And so it fell all the way to -8. Hovland was unable to get into his birdie putt and make it even.

However, Hovland took the championship lead alongside Colin Morikawa and Keegan Bradley with a score of -10.

He failed to sponsor the second hole on the par-5 par 18th hole, and so ended up par the final five holes.

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