This is how Solberg likes to swipe at Frp

This is how Solberg likes to swipe at Frp

Pizzabygda Stranda has had Center Party mayors for the past 12 years. But now the blue wind blows. In many places in Sunnmøre, there may now be a battle between Høgre and Frp to become the largest party.

– Today there are several Center Party and Labor Party mayors around Møre and Romsdal. “I don’t think there will be so many people after this election,” Erna Solberg (H) said confidently as she visited a pizza factory in Stranda.

In recent months, the chief editor has been on an election tour across the country. The goal is to get more votes for Høgre.

Solberg was able to speak to employees at a pizza factory in Stranda.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

FRP Fort

FRP has traditionally been strong in Møre and Romsdal. During the parliamentary elections two years ago, they were the elders in party leader Sylvie Listak’s hometown.

– Prioritizing Erna Møre and Romsdal is natural, but I think that FRP will be the biggest party in the county this time, Frank Sve, district leader of FRP.

– Does Erna want to take your voters?

– Erna didn’t stand for election in Møre og Romsdal, so I don’t think she can do it. I think Frp will be big this time too, says Sway with a smile.

Romstal with Erna Solberg and Gaut Grotta Cemetery in More

County leader for the Progress Party in Møre and Romsdal, Frank Sve.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

When asked if Solberg was in Møre and Romsdal to steal votes from the FRP, he replied:

– We are doing very well in the polls here as well, but it is clear that this is the district where FRP is doing well. We are very concerned that the combination of Høgre and FRP will result in a capitalist government.

From grandiosa to mayoral candidate

At the Pizza Factory in Stranda, someone is extra excited about Party Leader Hogre’s visit. Einar Arve Nordang is currently logistics manager at Orkla Foods Norway’s branch in the village.

But in the fall he hopes to be able to start a new job with a shiny chain around his neck. He is running as a mayoral candidate for Hogre in the municipality.

– I think the planning experience I have developed over 30 years will come in handy in municipal administration.

Nordang hopes to switch from centrist to right-wing mayors after the election.

– We had a good election campaign and a lot of support, but it’s nice to see Erna Solberg at the beginning. It gives extra motivation, he says.

Romstal with Erna Solberg and Gaut Grotta Cemetery in More

Einar Arve Nordang (H) wants to hang up his white coat and get the mayoral chain next year.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

Booster local politics

Although there are elections for municipalities and county councils this year, Solberg is not the only party leader. NRK’s ​​political commentator Lars Nehru Sand believes that the arrival of national politicians has a two-fold effect.

Lars Nehru sand
Photo: John B. Peterson / NRK

– First, it helped make local politicians more interesting, in that national politicians would meet them and create enthusiasm. This often results in positive publicity and press attention, says Sand.

He says it is also important for local politicians to be seen by party leaders at the national level.

– In addition, there is the inner part, where the party is encouraged by the visit of the party leader. Both the mayoral candidates and others on the list show that meeting people from party leadership is important to them and that they care.

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