Worse and worse on the roads – now it can be smoother

Worse and worse on the roads – now it can be smoother

In many places in the country, there are very difficult driving conditions on Monday. In eastern Norway it can get worse during the evening.


– I tried to give gas, and then it went slower. And when I brake it was faster.

Driver tells VG that. He witnessed several cars running off the road on E6 at the Støkken control station in s Municipality just before 6:30 p.m.

He says he went out for a drive and was “okay on the road,” but when he came back just five minutes later, meteorologists made the worst assumptions.

– When I turned back it was intense, and I saw a total of five cars slid off the road. It was as if the weather changed in a few seconds, says the witness.

On Monday afternoon, the meteorologist on duty at the Met Institute, Thierry Aalsvik-Wallwe, told VG that precipitation in eastern Norway comes mainly in the form of snow, but that the risk of slippery roads will increase in the evening. Then especially in the southern regions of eastern Norway.

Send Meteorological Institute Ice hazard warning In western Norway, and in Agder, Viken, Oslo, Vestfold and Telemark, Trøndelag, Inlandt, Hegeland and Sør Salten.

Check the weather forecast on repressed.

Tonight: Freezing rain

Meteorologist Walloy says there are major problems with slippery roads around Norway.

– If it is plus degrees above us, but below it is minus degrees below ground, precipitation can come as rain even if it is minus degrees. Then it will be very smooth, says Walloy.

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– Now it’s the biggest challenge in southern Norway and inland, where the temperature is just below zero. Wally says there are very few degrees on the coast so that shouldn’t be a problem.

SÅPEGLATT: On the E6 motorway at Støkken control station in s municipality, several cars ran off the road. City: nyhetstips.no / vg

He says that, on the other hand, there may be a problem with slippery roads in the interior of western Norway, and he claims that today Big problems on the E6 in Halden It was caused by freezing rain. e 6 Reopened around It’s 8:30 p.m., after being closed since this morning.

– Motorists should really drive according to the conditions. There’s a good chance it’ll be slippery, Walloy says.

Long queue: Fylkesvei 118 Svinesund, where there is a detour after a trailer blocked several northbound lanes in Svinesundparken. The photo was taken at 17:22.

The hazard warning from the Met Institute for Viken, Oslo, Vestfold and Telemark reads as follows:

– From Monday afternoon there is a risk of rain and freezing on the ground. Precipitation will begin as sleet or snow in most places, but later change to rain, first near the coast. North of Oslo this will occur later than areas further south, but during the evening and night most people will receive precipitation in the form of rain. The temperature gradually rises to just above zero near the coast, while remaining below zero in the rest of the region.

VGTV: Every year it gets soapy on this hill in Bergen. Charlotte Brunvold set up a camera one day in January when there were really tough driving conditions. Now the video is taking off on TikTok.

– I felt my heart pumping

On Monday, a lorry with a trailer had major problems in Bumble in Vestfold and Telemark.

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– I was on my way up the hill when he stopped. When I was about to back up a bit, the trailer started to sail and I ended up in the ditch. The truck driver said I felt my heart pumping Telemark newspaper.

Ole-Petter Ruud, traffic operator in Vegtrafikksentralen further south, told VG that today there is a need for plowing and spreading throughout Agder, Vestfold and Telemark.

– There will be some delays, because people drive slower, which is very good. There will be some traffic problems, because people will get stuck — especially lorry trains that may not hit properly or that go in places that are too steep, Rudd says.

Drivers are advised to be patient and adjust their speed.

– If it’s dry in one place, it’s suddenly slippery in another, so be careful, says Rudd.

Rain: E39 Monankrysset, direction Kristiansand. The photo was taken at 17:25.

In Vestfold and Telemark, where the aforementioned truck had problems, Walløe stated that it was particularly problematic in the Sandefjord area.

– There are subzero temperatures and rain at the same time, so it will be very slippery. This may also have been the case in Bumble, says Walloy.

Watch the video – they crash one by one:


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