Yngvar Numme: – A touching tribute to the father-in-law

Yngvar Numme: – A touching tribute to the father-in-law

toOn Wednesday, TV personality Thomas Numme, 53, shared a sad message on social media. His father, the famous artist, songwriter and director Yingvar Nomi (79 years old), passed away.

“Last night we lost our dear father, suddenly and unexpectedly. We were infinitely happy for you. It will take a long time for you to understand that you are no longer with us. We know that you have made so many happy over five decades and we are very proud of that. Thank you so much for all Support and love, and not least all that nonsense. You were loved so much. I miss you already. Rest in peace!”, Thomas Nomi wrote on Instagram.

Now Annette Walther tells Numme about the loss of her father-in-law Podcast “Top Tour with Annette & Ingeborg”.

“I can’t sit here and mess around and pretend that everything is fine in my life,” she says.

– I lost my father-in-law, my husband lost his father, and the children lost their grandfather. He was my hero when I was young, she says, speaking about the message of trauma:

– On Saturday morning we found out that Yngvar had died suddenly. He wasn’t sick, so this came as a shock. And then you’ve obviously gone into a bit of disaster mode.

On Saturday, she also shared a post on Instagram:

Burke Road: – My father is always with us in our hearts

Spreader of joy

Yngvar Numme is referred to as the spreader of great joy to the Norwegian people. He is perhaps best known as a vocalist in the show group Dizzie Tunes, where he was with Øyvind Klingberg, Tor Erik Gunnström, Einar Edlund, and Sven Helge Högberg.

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They have toured with a variety of theatrical productions and musical performances for years. Numme has also been seen on television through various entertainment shows.

In 1990 he won the Leonard Prize, the highest and most prestigious Norwegian theatrical award. In 2002, he was awarded the King’s Gold Medal of Merit.

Please note that the responsible editor of KK, Ingeborg Heldal, has the podcast “Opptur” with Annette Walther Numme.

Many have noticed the detail in the “Crown”. Video: Se og Hør, “The Crown”/Netflix, NTB. Reporter: Caroline Fagle.
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